A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple, we recommend that
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Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 13: The Guiltless World

Section VI: Finding the Present

Read ACIM Chapter 13, Section VI (pages 250-253)

What does the ego’s seeming existence depend upon?

The ego’s seeming existence depends upon hanging on to the past and projecting it onto the present. Jesus tells us, “Your past was made in anger, and if you use it to attack the present, you will not see the freedom that the present holds.” (5:7) Since Love is only in the eternal present, there is no reality to the false idea of a past or future. Therefore the past does not exist and to bring the past to the present is to perceive illusions. This makes it impossible to recognize Love’s reality, which is always now. Projection is thus a barrier to our awareness of the truth in the present.

How do we deny Light and how do we maintain this denial?

In many places in the Course, Light is used as a symbol for Love, which is all of Reality. Thus the perception of darkness must be the perception of illusion, since darkness and Light cannot coexist. Light (Love) surrounds us and is ever present. To perceive darkness (illusion), we must actively deny the presence of Light. That is why darkness is in our minds. Darkness is just the effect of our own decision to deny Light. The fact that what we experience is our own decision is good news because we can also make the decision to stop denying Light.

We deny Light by insisting on holding onto the tiny mad idea of separation, which we maintain through judgment and condemnation. This shows up as memories of the past in our minds and using these memories to interpret what we perceive in the present. This makes the reality of Love in the present invisible to us.

How do we accept the Light that eternally surrounds us?

We accept Light, or the reality of Love, by forgiving the past — letting it go. As we learn to let go of the tiny mad idea of separation, we gradually become aware of the Light (Love) we have been denying. “Judgment and condemnation are behind you, and unless you bring them with you, you will see that you are free of them. Look lovingly upon the present, for it holds the only things that are forever true.” (6:1-2)

As we learn to accept the Light that is within our right minds, we will see the world anew. Jesus asks us to join with him in seeing our brothers Light. He says, “God’s guiltless Son is only light. There is no darkness in him anywhere, for he is whole. Call all your brothers to witness to his wholeness, as I am calling you to join with me.” (8:4-6) As we continue to practice joining with Jesus in seeing the Light in every brother, we also become aware of the Light within us. “Your Light will join with theirs in power so compelling, that it will draw the others out of darkness as you look on them.” (11:10)

Jesus is defining the process of awakening very clearly here. He defines the laws of Love and teaches us how to become aware of Love’s presence in every now moment. Our job is to practice seeing the light in every brother. As we accept the truth, we will see the truth. “God’s Son is still as loving as his Father. Continuous with his Father, he has no past apart from Him. So he has never ceased to be his Father’s witness and his own. Although he slept, Christ’s vision did not leave him. And so it is that he can call unto himself the witnesses that teach him that he never slept.” (13:5-9)

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