A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple, we recommend that
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Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 13: The Guiltless World

Section XI: The Peace of Heaven

Read ACIM Chapter 13, Section XI (pages 266-269)

In reality, are we in Heaven now, but just afraid of accepting Where we are?

The central points in this section are that God guarantees that we are in Heaven now and will remain in Heaven eternally. We can dream of being separated from Heaven and this does interfere with our awareness of Heaven. But God’s plan for waking us from this insane dream is guaranteed to work. This section is truly a message of hope and assurance that we remain safe in God. Some examples: “God gave the Holy Spirit to you, and gave Him the mission to remove all doubt and every trace of guilt that His dear Son has laid upon himself. It is impossible that this mission fail.” (5:1-2) “...God’s Will is done.” (5:4) “The Will of God can fail in nothing. ...God wills you be in Heaven, and nothing can keep you from it, or it from you.” (6:9, 7:1) “His Voice will be heard.” (7:7) “His sleep will not withstand the call to wake.” (10:3)

Why does this dream seem so real?

In our dreaming, we don’t realize we are hallucinating. Because of our belief in it, everything in the dream of separate bodies seems real. In this dream of separation, the endless battles, the pain and destruction and death seem to be inevitable. That is why God gave us the Holy Spirit in our minds to be the Call that reminds us of the truth.

What is the Holy Spirit’s role in our dream?

His role is to teach us the difference between reality and unreality. Learning this difference is the key to our release from conflict. “No one finds himself ravaged and torn in endless battles if he himself perceives them as wholly without meaning.” (1:5)

It is the Holy Spirit That shows us what has meaning and what does not have meaning. In the dream we believe that the separate forms or identities we see are real. Without His help we could not know the difference between the real and the unreal. In truth we share one Mind — the Mind of God. There are no differences or variation in the one Mind of God. There are no separate forms that change with time. In the Mind of God there is no time — only the eternal extension of joy and peace that is found in the all encompassing Love of Heaven. To know that we are in Heaven now, “...the Will of God must be accepted as your will.” (10:7) When we accept God’s Will, “There is a sense of peace so deep that no dream in this world has ever brought even a dim imagining of what it is.” (3:13)

What does the Holy Spirit teach us to share?

“Perfect perception can merely show you what is capable of being wholly shared. It can also show you the results of sharing, while you still remember the results of not sharing.” (4:2-3) Separate things cannot be wholly shared. It is only the one, universal Mind of God that is wholly shared. It is the Holy Spirit That will gently lead us back to the awareness of What is truly wholly shared. It is the Holy Spirit That will lead us back to our true Identity by helping us let go of what could never be of God. “The Holy Spirit points quietly to the contrast, knowing that you will finally let Him judge the difference for you, allowing Him to demonstrate which must be true.” (4:4)

Jesus reassures us again and again that everyone will be released from the dream of separation. All all that we will remember is the Love that created us and the Love we extend. Nothing else has ever existed and we will be grateful that this is so. “From [God] you cannot wander, and there is no possibility that the plan the Holy Spirit offers to everyone, for the salvation of everyone, will not be perfectly accomplished.” (11:5)

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