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Chapter 14: Teaching for Truth

Section IV: Your Function in the Atonement

Read ACIM Chapter 14, Section IV (pages 279-281)

We are learning that it is our job to let ourselves be shown our brother’s guiltlessness. As we go to the Holy Spirit for all things, we are shown that everyone is still as God created him. As we allow ourselves to see the truth, we are able to recognize that, “Beyond the First [God] there is no other, for there is no order, no second or third, and nothing but the First.” (1:8)

What is our job in reaching the state of guiltlessness?

It is only because we have believed in guilt that we need help to reach a state of guiltlessness. While we believe in guilt we cannot accept our oneness with God. It is not our job to remove the guilt, but it is our job to give all our thoughts of guilt to the Holy Spirit, Who will undo them for us. As we forgive by taking our thoughts of guilt to the Holy Spirit, we reach the state of guiltlessness, which clears the way for us to know that we remain in God as we were created. As the thoughts of guilt are removed, the truth that they obscured becomes more and more clear to us. “On earth this is your only function, and you must learn that it is all you want to learn.” (3:7)

What must we ultimately decide?

When we choose to make a world of separation real, we are trying to change ourselves to fit an image of being separate from God. But no matter what we decide to believe, we cannot change our Identity. We cannot change the fact that we are Love and nothing else. “Decide that God is right and you are wrong about yourself. He created you out of Himself, but still within Him. He knows what you are. Remember that there is no second to Him. There cannot, therefore, be anyone without His Holiness, nor anyone unworthy of His perfect Love.” (4:5-9, italics added)

As we see our brother’s guiltlessness we are refusing to accept what could never be. We are refusing to believe that there could be anything that is not of God. When we see the truth we will love it and know that it is ours. The truth is there in every brother to see and love.

This world is the effect of deciding against extending the Love that we were given in our creation. We decided against our function in Heaven. Since it is impossible to change what God created, this world must therefore be an illusion. It is a place made to look like we can make decisions on our own that seem to have an effect. But the consequence of believing in this world is that we have lost awareness of what we are, or have lost awareness of our function, and thus have no meaningful basis for making decisions. That is why it is our job to, “Leave all decisions to the One Who speaks for God, and for your function as He knows it. So will He teach you to remove the awful burden you have laid upon yourself by loving not the Son of God, and trying to teach him guilt instead of Love.” (5:4-5)

Reality and unreality are mutually exclusive. There can be no part of unreality within reality, nor can there be any part of reality in unreality. Since only God (Love) and His Creation is real, anything that is not Love, not of God, cannot be real. We were created as Love by Love. Love is one and cannot sin or be guilty. Therefore we must be guiltless. If we believe in guilt, we are believing in unreality and this belief makes reality unknown to us.

How do we come to know Reality again?

To know Reality once again, we must let go of our belief in the unreal. We must recognize our guiltlessness. “The Holy Spirit, Who remembers [what you are and what your Father is] for you, merely teaches you how to remove the blocks that stand between you and what you know.” (9:5) Our job is to be open to the Holy Spirit’s teaching. His teaching will restore guiltlessness to our minds so that we can again recognize our brothers and our Self as God created us. The Holy Spirit teaches us how to decide with God. When we let the Holy Spirit make all our decisions, there is no conflict and no efforting. It is more restful than sleep.

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