A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

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Chapter 14: Teaching for Truth

Section X: The Equality of Miracles

Read ACIM Chapter 14, Section X (pages 293-296)

What helps us realize we have a shared Identity?

Even though in this world of separation it looks like there are many different beings, the miracle (which is a correction of our perception), reminds us that we have a shared Identity. The miracle reminds us that every brother is equally the one Son of God. “We have already learned that this Identity is shared. The miracle becomes the means of sharing It. By supplying your Identity wherever it is not recognized, you will recognize It. And God Himself, Who wills to be with His Son forever, will bless each recognition of His Son with all the Love he holds for him.” (12:5-8)

How do we reflect the peace of Heaven here?

By recognizing God’s Son as the truth in everyone, we reflect the peace of Heaven here. This is how we bring the world to Heaven. “And thus, remembrance of his Father dawns on him, and he can no longer be satisfied with anything but his own reality.” (2:3) We are finding that we no longer need to believe in thoughts of limitation regarding ourselves or our brother. We are learning to let go of belief in limits and accept God’s limitlessness instead. As we accept miracles from the Holy Spirit, we are reminded of the truth — the equality of everyone’s oneness. “The miracle is the one thing you can do that transcends order, being based not on differences but on equality.” (2:7)

Why do we need to resign as the judge of anything?

We are constantly trying to classify and categorize our thoughts and perceptions in an attempt to bring order out of chaos. We do not see anything as equal. Because the ego is chaos, it is wholly unstable and this state is intolerable to us. But as long as we align our thoughts with the ego thought system, our attempts to stabilize by categorizing will be unsuccessful because stability cannot come from chaos (the ego). That is why we need to resign as the judge of anything and turn over all judgment to the Holy Spirit. As we accept the Holy Spirit’s perception, we receive a miracle, which comes from beyond the ego thought system we have identified with. We call it a miracle because it is a complete reversal of what we have believed and could not have come from our limited perception.

Jesus wants us to understand that as long as we identify with the ego, the thoughts of the ego will continue to hide the reflection of Heaven. It is only when we give the function of judging to the Holy Spirit that all belief in limitation is removed. “If you would remember your Father, let the Holy Spirit order your thoughts and give only the answer with which He answers you.” (10:4) The reason we are to put the Holy Spirit in charge of all judgment is that we are still limited by belief in form.

It is only the Holy Spirit Who is able to see past limitation to the limitlessness in every brother. It is only the Holy Spirit in your mind that can show you that there are only two categories, Love or a call for Love. “Every interpretation you would lay upon a brother is senseless. Let the Holy Spirit show him to you, and teach you both his love and his call for love. Neither his mind nor yours holds more than these two orders of thought.” (11:4-6) As we open to Holy Spirit’s miracles, we will remember this and let the ego’s thoughts fade away to the nothingness from which they came.

How are we to respond to every situation in this world?

Jesus gives us a significant message that helps us know how to respond to every situation in this world. He tells us, “Where there is Love, your brother must give It to you because of what It is. But where there is a call for Love, you must give [Love] because of What you are.” (12:2-3)

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