A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple, we recommend that
you read the corresponding chapter and section in the Text of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 20: The Vision of Holiness

Section VI: The Temple of the Holy Spirit

Read ACIM Chapter 20, Section VI (pages 436-39)

What is the difference between a real relationship and an unreal relationship?

Jesus tells us that our only real relationship is our relationship with our Creator and this one real relationship exists now and forever. This one real relationship was created by God and remains unchanged as He created it. Regarding this real relationship Jesus tells us, “His real relationship is one of perfect union and unbroken continuity. ...The one created by his Father is wholly self-encompassing and self-extending.” (1:5,7)

Regarding our unreal relationships, Jesus tells us, “Yet has the Son of God invented an unholy relationship between him and his Father. ...The one he made is partial, self-centered, broken into fragments and full of fear. ...The one he made is wholly self-destructive and self-limiting.” (1:4,6,8)

When we look at what Jesus is telling us closely, we see that all the relationships we think of as real in this world of separate bodies are actually unreal. When we think of anyone in terms of their body or their unique personality, we are looking at an unreal relationship. It is the ego’s unreal substitute for our one real relationship with God.

Why does Jesus say the body is the opposite of Love’s perfect union and unbroken continuity?

Jesus tells us, “The body is an isolated speck of darkness; a hidden secret room, a tiny spot of senseless mystery, a meaningless enclosure carefully protected, yet hiding nothing. Here the unholy relationship escapes reality, and seeks for crumbs to keep itself alive. Here it would drag its brothers, holding them here in its idolatry. Here it is “safe,” for here love cannot enter. The Holy Spirit does not build His temples where Love can never be. Would He Who sees the face of Christ choose as His home the only place in all the universe where it can not be seen?” (5:1-7) The body was made to separate from Love’s oneness. It is not real and was meant to be an effective barrier to keep Love out of our awareness. It is just a false idea that we can discard because we see that it is not real.

How do we transcend our unreal or unholy relationships and accept our one real or holy relationship?

As we learn to take all our beliefs about separate bodies to the Holy Spirit for a true perspective, we learn to see the difference between reality and illusions. We learn to transcend the body and see the one true relationship of Love that encompasses everything and extends to all Reality. We learn the true meaning of the Son of God and see his relationship with his Creator. We focus on the one, undivided Love in every brother instead of focusing on his mistakes. Jesus tells us, “Then lay aside the body and quietly transcend it, rising to welcome what you really want. And from His holy temple, look you not back on what you have awakened from. For no illusions can attract the mind that has transcended them, and left them far behind.” (9:5-7)

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