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Chapter 23: The War Against Yourself


Read ACIM Chapter 23, Introduction (pages 485-486)

What is the opposite of frailty and weakness?

We will believe in frailty and weakness when we believe in guilt and sin. As we let go of the idea that guilt could be true anywhere, innocence is all there is to see. We are learning that our true inner strength comes with seeing past the ego’s belief in guilt to the inherent innocence in yourself and everyone. With seeing innocence comes fearlessness because we now know that we have no enemies. Fearlessness also comes when we know that our will is the same as God’s Will. We remember that God’s Will is oneness and separation is not His Will.

Why does Jesus say that we are at war with ourselves?

The truth is that we are still as God created us. We are still one with God and we have not separated as we have imagined ourselves to be. We are dreaming that we are what we are not — separated and alone, weak and vulnerable. We are dreaming of a world where everything is separated through our belief in time and space, where in reality, only our eternal oneness is real.

We are now coming to the awareness that our dream of separate bodies is not true. We have just attacked ourselves by believing in separation and if we believe we have enemies, we can know that we are still attacking ourselves because what we are seeing is just a projection of our disordered thoughts. What a relief to know that none of these wild imaginings of a world outside ourselves is just not true. We can lay down our sword and accept the truth that we still are innocent. Nothing has happened to change God’s Son. We are still one in the holy Mind of God.

How do the innocent know that they are safe?

As we accept our innocence, we will just naturally accept the innocence in everyone because we remember that in truth we are one. We remember there is nothing outside the one Mind of God. As we accept our unity, we also know that we are eternally safe in the Mind of God and we accept the strength and eternal power of our Source.

In paragraph 3 we are told, “The innocent are safe because they share their innocence. Nothing they see is harmful, for their awareness of the truth releases everything from the illusion of harmfulness. And what seemed harmful now stands shining in their innocence, released from sin and fear and happily returned to Love. They share the strength of Love because they looked on innocence.” (3:2-5)

How do we come to understand that all is given us?

As we forgive the world for what we thought it was we are able to see beyond the idea of being separate and alone. As we practice forgiving instead judging, we will see innocence where we once saw guilt. Jesus tells us in paragraph 6: “Nothing around you but is part of you. Look on it lovingly, and see the light of Heaven in it. So will you come to understand all that is given you. In kind forgiveness will the world sparkle and shine, and everything you once thought sinful now will be reinterpreted as part of Heaven.” (6:1-4)

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