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Chapter 25: The Justice of God

Section IV. The Light You Bring

Read A Course in Miracles, Chapter 25, Section IV. (pages 526-527)

What brings us a sense of safety and joy?

Remembering that minds are joined and are not separate
brings us a sense of safety and joy because with this remembering comes the recognition that there is no cause for guilt because we have not attacked God’s creation. We are still innocent because we are still the same Love as God. Remembering that minds are joined is the same as remembering that nothing has happened to change God’s one Son. Because of this there is only innocence to see.

As we celebrate the truth that minds are joined, we have the same purpose as our Father, which is to extend all Love to all of Itself. Beholding innocence, which is all that is true, brings us great joy and peace. We feel safe because we know that we are Love and we are surrounded by Love.

What happens when we think that believing in a world of separate bodies will bring us joy?

In this section we are told that we always seek for what we think will bring us joy as we define it. Jesus tells us in paragraph 2: “And while you think that suffering and sin will bring you joy, so long will they be there for you to see. Nothing is harmful or beneficent apart from what you wish. It is your wish that makes it what it is in its effects on you.” (2:2-3) We most likely do not realize that thinking that minds are separate is the same as the denial of God’s Oneness and therefore the denial of God, which brings guilt. We do not realize that belief in separation is what is causing us the pain, fear, lack and experience of loss. We do not realize that belief in specialness and differences is the cause of our experience of sickness and death. We do not consciously realize that we are asking for hell when we choose to believe in a world of being separate from God and every brother.

How do we help every brother and ourselves as we share our Father’s purpose of extending only Love to All?

In paragraph 3 we are told how sharing our Father’s purpose helps everyone: “You maker of a world that is not so, take rest and comfort in another world where peace abides. This (God’s) world you bring with you to all the weary eyes and tired hearts that look on sin and beat its sad refrain. (Sin is the idea you are alone and separated off from what is whole. T-30.III.3:7) From you can come their rest. From you can rise a world they will rejoice to look upon, and where their hearts are glad. In you there is a vision that extends to all of them, and covers them in gentleness and light. And in this widening world of light the darkness that they thought was there is pushed away, until it is but distant shadows, far away, not long to be remembered as the sun shines them to nothingness. And all their ‘evil’ thoughts and ‘sinful’ hopes, their dreams of guilt and merciless revenge, and every wish to hurt and kill and die, will disappear before the sun you bring.” (3:1-7)

Not only do we help every brother as we are willing to remember that minds are joined in God’s one Mind of Love, but we are healing our own thoughts of being separate from God. “Your ‘evil’ (thoughts of being separate from God) thoughts that haunt you now will seem increasingly remote and far away from you. And they go farther and farther off, because the sun in you has risen that they may be pushed away before the light. They linger for a while, a little while, in twisted forms too far away for recognition, and are gone forever. And in the sunlight you will stand in quiet, in innocence and wholly unafraid. And from you will the rest you found extend, so that your peace can never fall away and leave you homeless. Those who offer peace to everyone have found a home in Heaven the world cannot destroy.” (4: 4-9)

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