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Chapter 25: The Justice of God

Section IX. The Justice of Heaven

Read A Course in Miracles, Chapter 25, Section IX. (pages 538-541)

How are our little errors undone by Heaven’s justice?

Our errors are undone when we let go of thinking we know anything. We become as little children and let the Holy Spirit erase all thoughts of separation from our minds. Our errors are undone when we are willing to “…forego all values of this world in favor of the peace of Heaven.” (1:5) The world values separation and God’s Kingdom holds only oneness. Heaven knows no differences, where all is given all of God and where all of God extends equally to all in Heaven.

That is why in paragraph one Jesus tells us, “You mean that truth has greater value now than all illusions. And you recognize that truth must be revealed to you, because you know not what it is.” (1:8-9)

What happens when we are reluctant to receive Heaven’s justice?

When we are reluctant to receive Heaven’s justice, it will wait until we are ready. Heaven’s justice is not thrust upon us. “God’s justice warrants gratitude, not fear. Nothing you give is lost to you or anyone, but cherished and preserved in Heaven, where all of the treasures given to God’s Son are kept for him, and offered anyone who but holds out his hand in willingness they be received.” (2:3-4)

Why does everyone win when Holy Spirit answers a problem?

The Holy Spirit knows that every problem stems from our belief in separation and every solution stems from forgiveness, or letting go of this false belief in a world of separation. When we are willing to receive the gift of truth that Love is all that is real, we willingly let go of the idea that there could be any loss. Because Love is eternal, Love is safe and cannot be lost.

We are just forgetting that we are hallucinating our replacement for God. We are denying that God is everywhere and nothing else is real. When we place our belief in a world of separation, we are forgetting that we can’t be anywhere but in God’s Heavenly Mind. The Holy Spirit mercifully shows us that the Christ is all there is to see because the one Christ Mind is What we all are. As we are willing to give everyone his full due by seeing the Christ in him, everyone wins.

Why does God see everyone as totally worthy of all of all Love?

God sees no specialness. God sees no differences. That is why Jesus tells us in paragraph 6: “No one deserves to lose. And what would be unjust to him cannot occur. Healing must be for everyone, because he does not merit an attack [seeing him as different from the Love he Is] of any kind. What order can there be in miracles, unless someone deserves to suffer more and others less? And is this justice to the wholly innocent? A miracle is justice. It is not a special gift to some, to be withheld from others as less worthy, more condemned, and thus apart from healing. (6:1-7 italics added)

God sees everyone as the one, united Son of God, wholly pure and innocent, deserving of all His Love. God sees only Himself in everyone. As we awaken from the mistaken belief in being separate from how God sees, we will know only as God knows. We will know that what would be unjust cannot occur.

Why are the miracles of the Holy Spirit given equally to all?

In answer to this, Jesus tells us, “If miracles, the Holy Spirit’s gift, were given specially to an elect and special group, and kept apart from others as less deserving, then is He ally to specialness. What He cannot perceive He bears no witness to. And everyone is equally entitled to His gift of healing and deliverance and peace. To give a problem to the Holy Spirit to solve for you means that you want it solved. To keep it for yourself to solve without His help is to decide it should remain unsettled, unresolved and lasting in its power of injustice and attack. No one can be unjust to you, unless you have decided first to be unjust [see as the ego sees]. And then must problems rise to block your way, and peace be scattered by the winds of hate.” (7:2-8)

What does the Course mean by, ‘secret sins’?

‘Secret sins’ are all the places where we want to continue to believe in separation. With belief in separation from our Source always comes the belief that we are guilty for wanting to be different from God. With guilt comes a continuous stream of perceived problems in our dream of separation. In paragraph 9 we are told, “The little problems that you keep and hide become your secret sins, because you did not choose to let them be removed for you. And so they gather dust and grow, until they cover everything that you perceive and leave you fair to no one.” (9:1-2) The guilt we harbor not only makes us unfair to ourselves, but also unfair to others because we project our guilt onto them.

This reminds us that we do not want to hold onto any aspect of the belief in separation. We do not want to solve any perceived ‘problem’ on our own. We want to take every perceived problem to the Holy Spirit and let our mind be changed as to what we think the problem is (which is always in our minds). As we are willing, the Holy Spirit lifts the veil of separation and helps us remember that only Love is real and that we are not bodies in a world that appears to be outside us. The Holy Spirit reminds us that we are safe and we have never left Heaven. No one has ever left Love’s oneness. We remember that, “What is God’s belongs to everyone, and is his due.” (10:10 italics added) We return to seeing that everyone belongs to God.

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