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Chapter 25: The Justice of God

Section VIII. Justice Returned to Love

Read A Course in Miracles, Chapter 25, Section VIII. (pages 534-538)

What does the Holy Spirit need from us in order to bring us the awareness of Heaven?

The Holy Spirit needs our willingness to hand over all our perceptions of the world of separate bodies we think we see. “But this He needs; that you prefer He take it [the way we think we see things] than that you keep it for yourself alone, and recognize that what brings loss to no one you would not know. This much is necessary to add to the idea no one can lose for you to gain.” (1:6-7)

When we were created, God gave us all of Himself. God held nothing back from us. God knows only of oneness because All has All; All is All. When we want uniqueness, specialness and a little for ourselves alone, we lose the awareness that we have all of God; we have all that Love has to share with all. That is why Jesus tells us when we think the world is real: “…what brings loss to no one you would not know.” The Holy Spirit knows that loss is impossible and would bring this awareness to our mind if we are willing to receive this correction in our thinking.

Early in the Workbook for Students we are guided to understand that we give everything we see all the meaning it has for us. As we are willing to hand over all the meanings we give to everything to the Holy Spirit, He has the opening He needs to bring the Light of truth to our awareness, replacing what we thought before. The Holy Spirit does not bring us the truth of our oneness in God against our will. He waits until we are willing to receive His correction of our perception.

How does the world see justice differently from the Holy Spirit?

Jesus tells us, “To the world, justice and vengeance are the same, for sinners see justice only as their punishment, perhaps sustained by someone else, but not escaped. The laws of sin [separation from God] demand a victim. Who it may be makes little difference. But death must be the cost and must be paid.” (3:2-5)

This core belief that justice is punishment is why every story of being an individual in a world of separate bodies demands the death of the dreamer. To the ego, justice always demands the death of anyone who buys into the dream of separation. In the ego’s world, no one can escape death. The Holy Spirit knows that this belief is insanity.

The Holy Spirit’s justice knows that everyone is still the same Love in God and so looks upon everyone as the same Love. Therefore the Holy Spirit teaches us to see past the differences we see in this world and know that no one could ever lose being all of God’s Love. As we join with Holy Spirit’s justice, we forgive or let go of our belief that there could ever be loss or differences of any kind; we forgive our belief in specialness.

How does the Holy Spirit judge us?

The Holy Spirit always judges us as innocent because He knows that nothing has ever really happened. The Holy Spirit remembers for us that we still remain as perfect Love. “In justice He is bound to set them free, and give them all the honor they deserve and have denied themselves because they are not fair, and cannot understand that they are innocent.” (8:2)

When we continue to believe in specialness, which is the opposite of God’s oneness, we do not understand Holy Spirit’s justice. We project that the Holy Spirit believes as we do and we therefore fear the Holy Spirit’s justice. When we still want specialness, we are demonstrating that we are still afraid of Love because our specialness would disappear. “Their world depends on sin’s stability. And they perceive the ‘threat’ of what God knows as justice to be more destructive to themselves and to their world than vengeance, which they understand and love.” (6:7-8)

Why are Love and justice the same?

Jesus explains this in the following way: “In God’s Own justice does He recognize all you deserve, but understands as well that you cannot accept it for yourself. It is His special function to hold out to you the gifts the innocent deserve. And every one that you accept brings joy to Him as well as you. He knows that Heaven is richer made by each one [gift] you accept. And God rejoices as His son receives what loving justice knows to be his due. For love and justice are not different. Because they are the same does mercy stand at God’s right Hand, and gives the Son of God the power to forgive himself of sin.” (9:5-11)

What is the special function that our one Self gives us?

Our special function is to see everyone equally as sinless. Our special function is to see that God created us all the same and that in truth, there are no differences. We are learning from our one Self to see that we all are the same sinless Son of God. As we extend to everyone equally the special function that our one Self gives us, we give impartial witness to the power of God’s Love and justice. And what we give, we receive because there is but one Self.

What rights has God appointed for His holy Son?

The following is one of the most beautiful passages in the Course: “You have the right to all the universe; to perfect peace, complete deliverance from all effects of sin, and to the life eternal, joyous and complete in every way, as God appointed for His holy Son. This is the only justice Heaven knows, and all the Holy Spirit brings to earth. Your special function shows you nothing else but perfect justice can prevail for you.” (14:1-3)

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