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Chapter 26: The Transition

Section II. Many Forms; One Correction

Read A Course in Miracles, Chapter 26, Section II. (pages 544-546)

Why does Jesus say that every problem is the same?

In truth, the only problem is our error in thinking that we could lose or separate from God’s perfect Love. The Love of God created only oneness and so separation from oneness could never be real. This whole world we experience of separate bodies is the effect of thinking that separation could be real. It is the false mind’s image making in an attempt to make differences appear to be reality. Because we have identified with this false separated mind-set that believes in differences, we hallucinate that we really have succeeded in obliterating oneness and have now succeeded in kicking God’s oneness out of our mind.

We now think we are separate and alone with the ability to make decisions on our own. We now think that choice is possible and that we alone are the decision maker in our little “life” that is separate from the oneness of our Source. We have sacrificed the truth so that we can gain autonomy and specialness. We think we have succeeded in losing our Identity as part of God, and to keep a little for ourself alone, we sacrifice the same eternal Identity of every brother we meet in this dream of separation. We now think that the loss of God is possible.

This is why Jesus tells us in paragraph 2: “For there is but one mistake; the whole idea that loss is possible, and could result in gain for anyone. …Think not the limits you impose on what you see can limit God in any way.” (3:2,5)

Why does the miracle of justice correct all errors of the false mind?

Because every perception of a problem just reflects the error in our thinking that separation from the Life we live in God really happened, we need a correction in the way we perceive the illusions we made up to replace God. As we are ready to receive a correction in our thinking from the Holy Spirit, we find that our illusions of loss are not true. The separation we think occurred never really happened. We only dreamed about it for awhile. God’s Son could never suffer and die in truth because His true Identity mercifully remains safe in the eternal Mind of God. God could not let us lose our true Identity.

That is why Jesus tells us that the miracle of Holy Spirit’s justice corrects all our hallucinations of separation. “The miracle of justice can correct all errors. Every problem [belief in separation] is an error. It does injustice to the Son of God, and therefore is not true. The Holy Spirit does not evaluate injustices [belief in separation] as great or small, or more or less. They have no properties to Him. They are mistakes [in thinking] from which the Son of God is suffering, but needlessly. And so He takes the thorns and nails away. He does not pause to judge whether the hurt be large or little. He makes but one judgment; that to hurt God’s Son [by believing in separation] must be unfair and therefore is not so.” (4:1-9)

The Holy Spirit shines a light on our mistaken thoughts of separation. As we let the Light of truth into our mind, hallucinations of separation disappear. This is the Holy Spirit’s miracle of justice. The past and future disappears and only the eternal presence of universal Love remains. We see that, in truth, we have no problems.

What happens when we believe a brother is guilty?

When we become angry or hold onto a thought that anyone is guilty, we are refusing to hand over every mistaken thought to be corrected. We are thinking that our mistaken thoughts are too precious to hand them over for correction, thinking that we already know what is true. “God offers you the means to see his innocence. Would it be fair to punish him because you will not look at what is there to see? Each time you keep a problem for yourself to solve, or judge that it is one that has no resolution, you have made it great, and past the hope of healing. You deny the miracle of justice can be fair.” (5:5-8)

What happens when we are able to receive the miracle of justice in every situation?

Our special function is to see everyone as sinless. As we are willing to refuse to sacrifice anyone’s true Identity, we are saved from our illusions of loss. “The miracle of justice you call forth will rest on you as surely as on him.” (6:8) The pain and suffering that comes with belief in separation mercifully falls away from our tortured mind.

“Think then, how great your own release will be when you are willing to receive correction for all your problems. You will not keep one, for pain in any form you will not want. And you will see each little hurt resolved before the Holy Spirit’s gentle sight. …What seemed to be a special problem, a mistake without a remedy, or an affliction without a cure, has been transformed into a universal blessing. Sacrifice is gone. And in its place the Love of God can be remembered, and will shine away all memory of sacrifice and loss.” (7:1-3, 5-7)

When we receive the miracle of justice, we remember Heaven instead of insisting on the hell of separation from God. We return to Love.

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