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Chapter 26: The Transition

Section X. The End of Injustice

Read A Course in Miracles, Chapter 26, Section X. (pages 562-564)

What must be undone in order to realize the Presence of God the Father and the Son?

We must be willing to let confused perception to be undone by the Holy Spirit. The confused perception occurs is when: “…you have a differential view of when attack is justified, and when you think it is unfair and not to be allowed. When you perceive [attack] as unfair, you think that a response of anger now is just. And thus you see what is the same as different.” (1:2-4)

When we are seeing something ‘other’ than the Presence of God and His Son, we are looking through the eyes of the ego. We are perceiving attack on the truth of God the Father and the Son. Jesus gives us a correction in our thinking when he says, “Some [forms of attack or seeing separation] are given meaning and perceived as sensible. And only some are seen as meaningless. And this denies the fact that all are senseless, equally without a cause or consequence, and cannot have effects of any kind.” (2:4-6)

When we see attack (injustice) and make it real, this perception becomes a veil that obscures awareness of the truth — the face of Christ and the memory of God. Jesus tells us, “Their Presence is obscured by any veil that stands between Their shining innocence, and your awareness that it is your own and equally belongs to every living thing along with you. God limits not. And what is limited cannot be Heaven. So it must be hell.” (2:7-10)

In the Workbook for Students, Lesson 11 we learn that our meaningless thoughts are showing us a meaningless world. We learn that our thoughts of separation determine the world we see. As we are willing to give up these meaningless attack thoughts, the Presence of God the Father and the Son returns to our mind.

Why does Jesus say that unfairness and attack are the same mistake?

When we sacrifice the truth, we are being unfair to ourselves. Sacrificing the truth comes with joining with the ego. In the ego thought system, the pain of sacrificing the truth of God the Father and His Son is projected out and now we experience this unfairness is being done to us by something that we believe lies outside our minds.

To help undo this insane and impossible thinking, Jesus tells us, “You cannot be unfairly treated. The belief you are [unfairly treated] is but another form of the idea you are deprived by someone not yourself. Projection of the cause of sacrifice is at the root of everything perceived to be unfair and not your just deserts. Yet it is you who ask this of yourself, in deep injustice to the Son of God. You have no enemy except yourself, and you are enemy indeed to him because you do not know him as yourself. What could be more unjust than that [your brother] be deprived of what he is, denied the right to be himself, and asked to sacrifice his Father’s Love and yours as not his due?” (3:2-7)

Why is it a mistake to perceive ourselves as unfairly treated?

The guilt we feel that comes with believing in separation is intolerable. The automatic ego response is to look for and find the guilt somewhere else, in anyone else but ourselves. The ego mind thinks that this projection of guilt relieves us of the guilt, but in fact, it only reinforces our experience of vulnerability and pain.

Jesus explains it this way: “In [the ego’s] view you seek to find an innocence that is not Theirs [God and His Son] but yours alone, and at the cost of someone else’s guilt. Can innocence be purchased by the giving of your guilt to someone else? And is it innocence that your attack on him attempts to get? Is it not retribution for your own attack upon the Son of God you seek? Is it not safer to believe that you are innocent of this, and victimized despite your innocence? Whatever way the game of guilt is played, there must be loss. Someone must lose his innocence that someone else can take it from him, making it his own.” (4:1-8) Here we see that seeing guilt in another is simply another attack on ourselves. Until we give it up, we will continue to make the mistake of seeing ourselves as being unfairly treated.

How does the Holy Spirit reverse this mistaken purpose of seeing guilt in others?

In paragraph 5 the answer to this question is very simple: “The Holy Sprit’s purpose is to let the Presence of your holy Guests [God the Father and His Son] be known to you. And to this purpose nothing can be added, for the world is purposeless except for this. …And each unfairness that the world appears to lay upon you, you have laid on it by rendering it purposeless, without the function that the Holy Spirit sees. And simple justice has been thus denied to every living thing upon the earth.” (5:4-5,7-8)

So here we see that the only purpose for the world now is to allow the Presence of Love and Love’s extension — the Father and His Son — be known to us. Joined with the Holy Spirit, this is the only real meaning that is important in our ‘life.’

What does Jesus tell us to remember when we see injustice anywhere?

“By this do I deny the Presence of the Father and the Son. And I would rather know of Them than see injustice, which Their Presence shines away.” (6:6-7)

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