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Chapter 27: The Healing of the Dream

Section IV. The Quiet Answer

Read A Course in Miracles, Chapter 27, Section IV. (pages 574-576)

How is every problem resolved?

Jesus points to our state of mind as the reason we appear to have problems. As long as we join with ego thoughts that project a world of separate bodies we are in a state of mind that conflicts with the peaceful and joyful beingness of our true Self.

He tells us, “…it must also be that in your state of mind solution is impossible. Therefore, God must have given you a way of reaching to another state of mind in which the answer is already there. Such is the holy instant. It is here that all your problems should be brought and left. Here they belong, for here their answer is.” (2:2-6 italics added)

To accept the holy instant, we must allow our mind to quiet and enter a state of peace. We must leave an open space in which the Holy Spirit can enter. “In quietness are all things answered, and is every problem quietly resolved.” (1:1)

What is the question the world always asks and how does the ego answer?

Jesus makes it clear how the ego thought system keeps us bouncing around again and again within its system of deception. In truth we are the same eternal Spirit in the universal Mind of Love. He explains how the ego answers all our questions: “The world asks but one question. It is this: ‘Of these illusions, which of them is true? Which ones establish peace and offer joy? And which can bring escape from all the pain of which this world is made?’ Whatever form the question takes, its purpose is the same. It asks but to establish sin is real, and answers in the form of preference.” (4:4-9)

By this answer the ego side-steps the truth and keeps us mired within the limits of continued self-deception. Jesus says, “Thus is all questioning within the world a form of propaganda for itself. Just as the body’s witnesses are but the senses from within itself, so are the answers to the questions of the world contained within the questions that are asked.” (5:3-4)

When is a question honestly asked?

In this section we are learning that a question is honestly asked only within the holy-instant. Jesus explains: “The holy instant is the interval in which the mind is still enough to hear an answer that is not entailed within the question asked. It offers something new and different from the question. …Therefore, attempt to solve no problems in a world from which the answer has been barred. …In the holy instant, you can bring the question to the answer, and receive the answer that was made for you.” (6:9-10, 7:1, 5 italics added)

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