A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple, we recommend that
you read the corresponding chapter and section in the Text of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 2: The Separation and the Atonement

Section V: The Function of the Miracle Worker

Read ACIM Chapter 2, Section V. (pages 24-27)

The purpose of A Course in Miracles is to train us to be miracle workers. In our training to be a miracle worker, we need to understand some key ideas about ourselves as we move toward releasing our minds from fear:

Why are we subconsciously afraid of awakening to the truth?

There is a strong tendency to be afraid of awakening to the truth that we are still one with Love because we think that it would sacrifice our individuality and the ability to make decisions on our own. If we are not yet ready to let go of individuality, we may think that forgiveness, or letting go of body identification, is a sacrifice. We may believe that we have really succeeded in destroying our unity with God. Because we are denying our reality as Love, we may believe that only what happens to bodies in the physical world is real. We will not realize that, “None of these errors is meaningful, because the miscreations of the mind do not really exist.” (1:5)

Why is it so important to accept that the miscreations of the mind do not exist?

Understanding that the miscreations of the mind do not really exist is very important. It leads us to the next step, which is: The correction of our miscreations is always accomplished at the thought level. The mistaken idea that needs to be corrected in our minds is that we think we are a body with a unique and separate mind. This mistaken idea is the denial of the truth that we are joined as one eternal Spirit. The correction of this false idea of separation comes as the mind becomes willing to give up its miscreations.

How does the Course define ‘magic’?

The Course defines magic as the attempt to make something in the physical world to be the cure for body ailments. The truth is that unconscious guilt for desiring to be separate from God is the cause of physical ailments and releasing guilt by accepting the truth of our innocence is the real cure.

What are we to do if our fear of awakening is still too great?

The Course emphasizes that if the fear of awakening is still too great, “it is safer for you to rely temporarily on physical healing devices, because you cannot misperceive them as your own creations.” (2:5) When we are not yet ready to accept the power inherent in our mind, it would arouse too much fear.

What is necessary first in order to help someone else come to his right mind?

Let us remember that a miracle is a change in perception, a change of mind that brings us to right-mindedness. We must be in our right mind in order to to help someone else come to his right mind. If we refuse to let our false perceptions to be undone, we cannot help anyone and we ourselves are then in need of accepting the Atonement.

What happens as we accept the Atonement from the Holy Spirit?

As we accept the Atonement from the Holy Spirit, we remember that the miscreations of the mind do not really exist. We remember that no one’s miscreations cannot really hurt them. “By affirming this you release the mind from over evaluating its own learning device [the body] and restore the mind to its true position as the learner.” (5:6)

The body is an effect. It is not a creator. It cannot think on its own initiative. As we recognize that the body is only an instrument of learning that has been used by the mind to reinforce separation, we can learn to look beyond the body to the truth. “Corrective learning always begins with the awakening of spirit, and the turning away from the belief in physical sight.” (7:1)

Why does spiritual sight sometimes bring up fear?

Spiritual sight may bring up fear because it entails the undoing of the misperception of individuality. It may make us feel uncomfortable for awhile, but as we do it with the Holy Spirit, His Light shines away the darkness and our fears are eased in the healing waters of God’s peace.

What does Jesus say is the true meaning of ‘charity’?

In paragraphs 9 to 10 it talks about charity that is different from the conventional way we use the word in this world. Three key ideas about the Course’s use of charity are as follows: “Charity is a way of perceiving the perfection of another even if you cannot perceive it in yourself.” (9:4) “Charity is a way of looking at another as if he had already gone far beyond his actual accomplishments in time.” (10:1) and “The charity that is accorded him is both an acknowledgment that he needs help, and a recognition that he will accept it.” (10:3) This charity sees the innocence in another, looking past his behavior, which may be the acting out of guilt and fear. Later in the Course this is referred to as Christ’s vision. As we learn to look past the body to the Spirit in everyone, we offer the miracle of seeing our oneness in Spirit instead of reinforcing the belief in physical sight. As we give the miracle of right mindedness, we shorten the suffering of everyone, including ourselves.

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