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Chapter 2: The Separation and the Atonement

Section VI: Fear and Conflict

Read ACIM Chapter 2, Section VI (pages 28-31)

What is reallying going on when we choose to believe in separation?

The experience of fear and conflict come from the willingness to be separate. Willingness to be separate is a control issue. When we will to be separate, we are trying to take over God’s authority and have something we individually control on our own. This is called miscreating. In paragraph two it says, “Whenever you are afraid, it is a sure sign that you have allowed your mind to miscreate and have not allowed me to guide it.” (2:10)

What is fear a signal of and how is fear truly released?

The experience of fear is a signal that we have chosen wrongly and are miscreating. The presence of fear shows that we are thinking form is real, thinking the body is real. This reflects the willingness to be separate. Release from fear can come only from letting go of the wish to be separate and unique. Trying to rearrange external circumstances to alleviate fear, such has changing behavior or changing our environment, will not work. Release from fear comes only through changing our mind and accepting that we remain part of God and share His Love.

This section addresses two common mistaken approaches for alleviating the pain of conflict and fear. One approach tries to focus only on positive thoughts, spouting positive platitudes without looking at and changing the underlying beliefs that are the true cause of the conflict and fear. This simply sweeps the erroneous thoughts under a carpet of ‘correct’ behavior and denies their presence. Not only does this not address the cause, but it adds to the strain because we are attempting to hold conflicting beliefs.

The second approach emphasizes dwelling on the fear and pain, feeling, grieving and analyzing it, but does not bring it to the Holy Spirit to receive His healing perception. This continues to reinforce the conflict and fear, making it even stronger by investing more belief in it.

Neither of these approaches work because neither brings about the change of mind necessary for true healing. To achieve a real and lasting change of mind, we need to be willing to bring our mistaken thoughts of conflict and fear to the Holy Spirit. He will bring us a new perception that will help us move toward accepting the perfect Love of the Atonement. The Holy Spirit treats our lack of Love with the true remedy of perfect Love. The perception of emptiness is filled and we remember God’s Love is ours.

In paragraph seven, we are offered a mental exercise that can help us out of conflict whenever we recognize it.

1. Know first that conflict is an expression of fear. I must have chosen not to Love.
2. Fear arises from lack of love, a willingness to be separate from God’s universal Love.
3. The only remedy for lack of love is to accept God’s perfect Love.

This means letting go of control and trying to make our own identity separate from God. It means accepting ourselves as God created us. This is how we are released from the experience of fear and conflict.

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