A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple, we recommend that
you read the corresponding chapter and section in the Text of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 4: The Illusions of the Ego

Section VII: Creation and Communication

Read ACIM Chapter 4, Section VII (pages 69-71)

What is the difference between ego and Spirit communication?

In the first two paragraphs of this section, the Course defines the ego split mind very clearly. “The ego is the part of the mind that believes your existence is defined by separation.” (1:5) Here we see the difference between the ego’s specific and concrete forms of communication within a world of separation, and the direct, universal communication of Spirit, which is abstract and formless. Since the separate forms of the ego cannot unite, it is impossible for the ego to experience the communion that occurs in God’s creation, which is “in complete and direct communication with its Creator.” (3:4)

Communication in the ego’s world is the exchange of thoughts or ideas between separate beings. “Its communication is controlled by its need to protect itself, and it will disrupt communication when it experiences threat.” (2:4) God’s communication, on the other hand, is total and does not come and go. It is eternal. Being Love, God has one idea, one Thought — Love. Love, by Its nature, is eternally giving Itself to All That Is. Thus the Thought of Love is eternally being given and received.

How does the Course define true communication?

This giving and receiving of Love is what creation is. And since Love is the Thought of God, It is the constant exchange of the Thought of Love, which is communication. “Creation and communication are synonymous. God created every mind by communicating His Mind to it, thus establishing it forever as a channel for the reception of His Mind and Will.” (3:6-7)

What deception does the ego use to block God’s univerfsal communication?

The ego thought system, in its dissatisfaction with God’s oneness, tries to change God’s Will and creation into something else. It uses its distorted form of communication to reinforce separation from God’s creation, where only oneness is real. It blocks God’s universal communication by trying to make its own form of communication, wherein it sees differences and specific, unique identities. This part believes it has split off from the unity of God’s Mind in an order to change God’s creation to its own liking. Since reality can only be as God created It, everything within the ego’s communication system is a deception. Because it is a deception, everything it makes is an illusion.

How does the Course define the difference between ‘existence’ and ‘being’?

In this section, the Course distinguishes between “existence” and “being” like it distinguishes between “make” and “create.” Existence is how the ego tries to establish itself by defining forms as separate wholes. Since everything the ego perceives is a separate whole, it uses communication to reinforce separation and thus communicates differently with things it perceives as different. Because the ego is the belief in separation, it can only make the illusion of separate forms, which cannot be in direct communication or communion with each other.

On the other hand, being is of Spirit, which experiences being one inclusive whole in the Mind of God. Since God is one, what He creates remains one with Him and is always in direct communication with Him. As we learn to open our minds to the truth, Jesus promises he will help us let go of the ego thought system which blocks our reception of God’s revelations. He will help us return to direct communication with God as God intended for all in His creation. As we follow Jesus’ lead, we learn to be truly helpful. “The truly helpful are God’s miracle workers, whom I direct until we are all united in the joy of the Kingdom. I will direct you to wherever you can be truly helpful, and to whoever can follow my guidance through you.” (8:7-8)

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