A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

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Chapter 5: Healing and Wholeness

Section IV: Teaching and Healing

Read ACIM Chapter 5, Section IV (pages 81-83)

When are we teaching the ego’s lessons?

The world we see through the body’s eyes is a world of separation — separate objects, separate people, separate minds and separate thoughts. All this is of the ego’s making because the ego is the idea of separation. It made the body and all its senses to reinforce the perception that separation is real.

This is what the ego teaches and we reinforce the ego’s teaching as long as we identify with the body as what we are. As long as we think we are a separate personality with a separate mind and private thoughts and see our brothers as different from us, we teach the ego’s lessons. The ego, the idea of separation, comes from our decision, long since forgotten, to be separate from God’s Love, to be independent, unique and special. That is why the ego is of our own making. Because this is an idea we cherish, and we have made a whole world in support of that idea, we cannot be released from this limited world on our own. We need the help of One Who is not of our own making.

What does the Holy Spirit teach?

By the grace of God we have this Help in our mind — the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit’s teaching is the opposite of the ego’s in every way. The Holy Spirit teaches us that only Love is true. Since Love is wholly united, always the same, never different and never changing, the Holy Spirit’s message is unified and thus heals the fragmentation of separation. With the Holy Spirit’s help, what seems to be many is recognized as one and all the same Love. The loneliness of private minds with private thoughts fades in the Light of the Holy Spirit’s message of unity. The weakness of existing alone in a world filled with others, different and perceived as threatening, disappears in the recognition of unity which the Holy Spirit’s teaching brings.

In every moment we have the choice to listen the ego’s teaching of isolation, separation, loneliness and weakness or to accept the Holy Spirit’s lesson, which shows us that only Love is true and thus only Love is real. There is nothing to fear and we cannot be alone. The Holy Spirit’s message is a message of peace, for where is conflict if only unity is real?

How do we let the Holy Spirit purify our mind and lift our heavy burden?

Let the Holy Spirit’s Voice teach you of your unity with your Creator, your unity with Love. Join with His message of unity and share it with all to learn that it is yours. You will see your unity and Love shine back upon you as you see it in your brother. With the Holy Spirit’s teaching, the world of shadow images and darkness will be transformed into the Light of Heaven, your real Home.

The Holy Spirit is always present. “The Thoughts of God are with you” (8:15) is the same as saying the Love of God is with you. To receive these Thoughts, quiet your mind and listen. Welcome the Thoughts of God. Let the quiet, healing touch of the Holy Spirit fill your mind and heart. Keep your mind open and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead. The Holy Spirit will reinterpret the false ideas in your mind. If you allow it, the Holy Spirit will purify your mind and lift the heavy burden you are carrying.

With the Holy Spirit, what will we see and feel?

You will be able to feel Love’s presence. You will feel Love for your brother where you once felt conflict. You will learn to see through the Holy Spirit’s eyes. You will learn to remember only what is kind and loving and true. The rest will fall away. The peace of God will fill your heart and you will feel safe and abundant, knowing that the Holy Spirit is there guiding you every step of the way.

Because the Holy Spirit is in your mind, your actions will reflect the kind and loving nature that is the truth about you. Because you are practicing seeing through the eyes of the Holy Spirit, you will see and focus on your brother’s kind and loving nature. You will understand the pure act of sharing God’s one truth that in fact you are united as one mind. You teach and learn that only what is loving is true. You teach and learn that the ego is nowhere and nothing. You teach and learn that you cannot be hurt. You teach and learn the art of seeing through the Holy Spirit’s eyes. You teach and learn through demonstration that the Thoughts of God are with you and with everyone.

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