A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple, we recommend that
you read the corresponding chapter and section in the Text of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 8: The Journey Back

Section V: The Undivided Will of the Sonship

Read ACIM Chapter 8, Section V (pages 146-148)

What does Jesus tell us healing is?

In this world, we are not at peace because we have dissociated from our true Identity as part of God and thus believe our will opposes His. We have preferred delusions of separation, judging our oneness as something we do not want. We use our illusions of individuality to block remembering the truth. In truth we are unified in the Mind of God. We cannot believe we are separate from the undivided Will of God and remember what we are. Because we are the Will of God, to heal is to make whole. “Therefore, to heal is to unite with those who are like you, because perceiving this likeness is to recognize the Father.” (2:5)

Jesus represents the successful accomplishment of the Atonement. Because he has successfully traveled the path to Atonement, he can be our guide along that path. He knows the way, having completely renounced the ego. He offers us his unified mind. By joining with him, we are accepting the means to reach the Atonement.

What is the only difference between us and Jesus?

We were created the same as Jesus, our brother. The only difference between us and him is that he accepts his union with our Creator and nothing else. All our fear and uncertainty comes from believing there is something other than our Creator. When we join with Jesus completely, we are really joining with God and all our brothers, for he knows that his reality is in his oneness with God and all God’s creations.

At first we may try to hang on to the ego’s beliefs as we also try to follow Jesus’ guidance. This attempt to follow two guides brings us confusion, yet Jesus remains steadfast in his willingness to help. He knows that we are no more excluded from him than he is excluded from God. He holds this remembrance for us like holding a picture in front of us that reminds us of Who we are. We may turn away from the picture and lose our way temporarily, but Jesus holds that awareness for us so we can return to it whenever we are willing.

Why is Jesus so patient and compassionate?

His compassion and patience come from knowing that we are part of Him as he is part of God and part of us. There is no separation in Creation. He offers us his hand with all of his strength to guide us and empower us on the journey Home. He is eternally our mighty Companion who remains undeceived by any of the ego’s illusions. There can be no greater Friend.

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