A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple

To gain the most from A Course in Miracles Text Made Simple, we recommend that
you read the corresponding chapter and section in the Text of the Second or
Third Edition of A Course in Miracles published by the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Chapter 9: The Acceptance of the Atonement

Section V: The Unhealed Healer

Read ACIM Chapter 9, Section V (pages 171-173)

What happens when we do not know that the Holy Spirit is in our minds?

We cannot go to the ego mind for healing. The ego is the part of the mind that believes in separation. It cannot be expected to offer the means to recognize oneness, which is the only healing. Whether what we teach heals or not depends upon which guide we choose. When we believe we are of ourselves alone and try to heal, we have chosen the wrong guide. When we recognize that we are not of ourselves alone, that we share our one Identity as an extension of God’s Love, we are following the Guide that heals.

We cannot give what we don’t know we have. If we don’t know the Holy Spirit is in our minds, we will not recognize the truth in our brother’s mind. Because the Holy Spirit is in our right mind and is our link to Reality, when we offer the Holy Spirit’s vision of wholeness, we offer the perception of Reality to our brothers. This is true healing, for it brings release from illusions. Because release from illusions brings release from guilt and fear, this release always stimulates gratitude to the Holy Spirit, the Light in our minds.

When are we instrumental in helping our brothers heal?

We are instrumental in helping our brothers heal as we let our own minds be healed. As we open to the truth in our minds, we acknowledge the truth in every brother’s mind. At the level of truth, our minds are joined. There is no separation. The Holy Spirit is always the Healer. Because the Holy Spirit is the truth in everyone’s mind, everyone can access it as he is ready and willing.

As we let our minds be healed by the Holy Spirit, we are demonstrating that the Holy Spirit is the Healer. We know the Holy Spirit is not just in our mind but in every mind and we have confidence in our brother that he can access the Holy Spirit just as we have. As we open to the Holy Spirit, He shows the way to both of us. The Holy Spirit is in charge and the only sane thing to do is follow. The peace of God comes to every mind that asks for it and is willing to accept it. God’s peace heals all nightmares and shows us that they are not true. “Trust Him, for help is His function, and He is of God. As you awaken other minds to the Holy Spirit through Him, and not yourself, you will understand that you are not obeying the laws of this world.” (8:11-12)

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