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A Practice That Sets Us Free

Who assumes a power that he does not possess is deceiving himself. ²Yet to accept the power given him by God is but to acknowledge his Creator and accept His gifts. ³And His gifts have no limit. ⁴To ask the Holy Spirit to decide for you is simply to accept your true inheritance. ⁵Does this mean that you cannot say anything without consulting Him? ⁶No, indeed! ⁷That would hardly be practical, and it is the practical with which this course is most concerned. ⁸If you have made it a habit to ask for help when and where you can, you can be confident that wisdom will be given you when you need it. ⁹Prepare for this each morning, remember God when you can throughout the day, ask the Holy Spirit’s help when it is feasible to do so, and thank Him for His guidance at night. ¹⁰And your confidence will be well founded indeed. (A Course in Miracles, M-29.5)

Here we have a practice that can set us free from fear and guilt. We have a Guide within our mind Whose purpose is to guide us to full remembrance of our Identity in God. Our Identity is a given; It can never change. To ask the Holy Spirit to make all decisions on our behalf is willingness to let truth replace all self-deceptions.

To perceive anyone as a body, including our own, is to accept false beliefs. The Holy Spirit sees past these perceptions to the Love that is our Identity. Each day we can set our intent to let the Holy Spirit decide all things on our behalf. As we practice pausing throughout the day to accept His help, we become His messenger to bring healing to the world and heal our minds as well.

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