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Accept the Gift Your Self Offers You

Holy Spirit to Robert:  The strength of God is in you. There is no other strength. That is why when you perceive yourself as separate from God, you feel weak and vulnerable. You believe you need to build defenses all around you, but this need not be. The perceived need to defend comes solely from a false idea that you believe is true; that you are separate from your Source.

No matter what you believe, you remain in God, in Love. False beliefs merely hide this fact from your awareness. They do not change the fact. To return to the full awareness of God’s strength in you, you need to let go of all the false ideas you have taught yourself to believe. The forms of these ideas seem to be myriad, but they are all the same.

As you practice taking each instance of recognized fear or guilt to the Holy Spirit for His gentle, kind and loving correction, you will begin to see the commonality of the miracles of healing you experience. Your healing will accelerate and your peace grow deeper as you discover that what once brought fear no longer gets your attention. Where once you saw a need to defend, you only experience the expression of Love.

This is the gift the Self offers you in every moment. Your Self knows you are worthy of it. All you need do is practice opening your mind and heart to Love’s gentle correction. You will know you have accepted it as you see the Love all around you.

Holy Spirit to Mary:
  Be gentle on yourself as you go through your lessons in awakening. You make the world real once again and feel the fear that this belief brings again. You eventually hand it over once again to receive the correction in your perception.

Miracles will come as long as you have need of them. You are learning to generalize Love’s lessons. As you continue on your path of forgiveness, or letting go of what never happened, eventually you find that it is really true that there is nothing but Love. You let the veil be lifted and are able to see with Christ’s vision.

Today is a day of practice in choosing once again. You always receive the results of your choice and you always have the Holy Spirit in your mind waiting to shine a light on all the false ideas that you do not yet realize you are holding onto. Let’s celebrate together the opportunity today brings for mind healing. You invite mind healing by choosing peace once again. And with peace comes enlightenment.

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