Daily Inspiration

Accepting Christ as Our True Self

My eyes, my tongue, my hands, my feet today have but one purpose; to be given Christ to use to bless the world with miracles.

Father, I give all that is mine today to Christ, to use in any way that best will serve the purpose that I share with Him. ²Nothing is mine alone, for He and I have joined in purpose. ³Thus has learning come almost to its appointed end. ⁴A while I work with Him to serve His purpose. ⁵Then I lose myself in my Identity, and recognize that Christ is but my Self. (A Course in Miracles, W-353. See also ACIM Lesson 353 Insights.)

When we let go of our imagined limited identity with a body, we make way to accept our unlimited true Identity as one with God. This Identity is the Christ Whose vision sees past illusions to the presence of Love everywhere. We give up nothing to welcome All that is real.

We cannot serve two masters. As long as we want the “benefits” of separation—the specialness of individuality, private thoughts and personal possessions—we cannot know the joy our true Identity has in Its unity with Love.

Today we welcome Christ, our true Identity, by choosing Love as our Guide for all our thoughts and actions. It’s a choice for happiness.

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