Daily Inspiration

Accepting God’s Gift of Heaven

In God’s Own justice does He recognize all you deserve, but understands as well that you cannot accept it for yourself. It is [the Holy Spirit’s] special function to hold out to you the gifts the innocent deserve. And every one that you accept brings joy to Him as well as you. He knows that Heaven is richer made by each [gift] you accept.

You have the right to all the universe; to perfect peace, complete deliverance from all effects of sin, and to the life eternal, joyous and complete in every way, as God appointed for His holy Son. This is the only justice Heaven knows, and all the Holy Spirit brings to earth. Your special function shows you nothing else but perfect justice can prevail for you. And you are safe from vengeance in all forms. The world deceives, but it cannot replace God’s justice with a version of its own. For only love is just, and can perceive what justice must accord the Son of God. Let love decide, and never fear that you, in your unfairness, will deprive yourself of what God’s justice has allotted you. (A Course in Miracles, T-25.VIII.9:5-8;14. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

The Holy Spirit is in our mind, ready to give us God’s gifts. The gifts He gave are ours already, never to be withdrawn nor limited. The gifts of Heaven — peace, happiness, guiltlessness and Life eternal — are already bestowed upon our True Self, God’s Son.

God has judged us worthy of these gifts as His one Son. Why wait for Heaven? It is our Home now. We need only be willing to accept the gifts which are already ours. The world of conflict, loss, guilt and fear fade away when we accept God’s gifts.

Each time we pause and step back from our perceptions of the world and let the Holy Spirit show us how Love perceives it, we are accepting God’s gift. Today we practice choosing Love as our Guide, for we want to remember Heaven.

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