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Accepting God’s Gift of Limitless Love

By giving you receive. But to receive is to accept, not to get. It is impossible not to have, but it is possible not to know you have. The recognition of having is the willingness for giving, and only by this willingness can you recognize what you have. What you give is therefore the value you put on what you have, being the exact measure of the value you put upon it. And this, in turn, is the measure of how much you want it.

You can ask of the Holy Spirit, then, only by giving to Him, and you can give to Him only where you recognize Him. If you recognize Him in everyone, consider how much you will be asking of Him, and how much you will receive. He will deny you nothing because you have denied Him nothing, and so you can share everything. This is the way, and the only way to have His answer, because His answer is all you can ask for and want. Say, then, to everyone.

Because I will to know myself, I see you as God’s Son and my brother. (T-9.II.11:4-12:6)

All there is to have is Love because only Love is real. Our true Self already has this Love because God gave His Love to His Son in His creation.

The ego is the rejection of Love. It does not want Love because it wants specialness (more than everything.) We have chosen the ego as our identity and accepted its denial of Love. This rejection of Love needs to be forgiven because this rejection makes us unaware of the limitless Love we have and are. The world we perceive is the manifestation of the ego’s rejection of Love.

The Holy Spirit’s mission is to teach us that we are not the ego and that we are God’s Son, one Self united with every brother. As we forgive our beliefs in being a separate self, we make way for the acceptance of the Love of our true Self.

Each time we are able to recognize the Love in our brother, we are seeing the reflection of the Love in us. This is the gift we receive when we are willing to give our beliefs and perceptions to the Holy Spirit to be corrected with His Love. We learn that we have Love, and feel free to give It. As the Love flows through us It brings joy and peace with It. This is why forgiveness is the key to happiness.

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