Daily Inspiration

Accepting God’s Gift of Love

⁵The body is itself a sacrifice; a giving up of power in the name of saving just a little for yourself. ⁶To see a brother in another body, separate from yours, is the expression of a wish to see a little part of him and sacrifice the rest.

The world you see is based on “sacrifice” of oneness. ²It is a picture of complete disunity and total lack of joining.

The body is a loss, and can be made to sacrifice. ²And while you see your brother as a body, apart from you and separate in his cell, you are demanding sacrifice of him and you. ³What greater sacrifice could be demanded than that God’s Son perceive himself without his Father? ⁴And his Father be without His Son? ⁵Yet every sacrifice demands that They be separate and without the Other. ⁶The memory of God must be denied if any sacrifice is asked of anyone.

Those who would see the witnesses to truth instead of to illusion merely ask that they might see a purpose in the world that gives it sense and makes it meaningful. ²Without your special function has this world no meaning for you. ³Yet it can become a treasure house as rich and limitless as Heaven itself. ⁴No instant passes here in which your brother’s holiness cannot be seen, to add a limitless supply to every meager scrap and tiny crumb of happiness that you allot yourself.

You can lose sight of oneness, but can not make sacrifice of its reality. ²Nor can you lose what you would sacrifice, nor keep the Holy Spirit from His task of showing you that it has not been lost. (A Course in Miracles, T-26.I.1:5-6;2:1-2;3:7–4:6;5:1–6:2. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

In this world we identify with a body and perceive others as separate bodies. This is how we limit ourselves and deny our true Self that remains united with our Father in His Love.

But we are not limited to a body. Our only meaningful function in this world is to accept God’s gift of Love to us, His Son. As we accept this, we accept His Love and see our brothers united with us in that Love.

Today we choose to no longer deny our inheritance. We let the Holy Spirit help us recognize our mistaken beliefs that deny God’s Love, and let them go. With His help we will recognize our unbreakable unity with our brothers and our Father. We will awaken to Love.

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