Daily Inspiration

Accepting Our Identity in God

I will not hurt myself again today.

Let us this day accept forgiveness as our only function. Why should we attack our minds, and give them images of pain? Why should we teach [our minds] they are powerless, when God holds out His power and His Love, and bids [our minds] take what is already theirs? The mind that is made willing to accept God’s gifts has been restored to spirit, and extends [the mind’s] freedom and its joy, as is the Will of God united with its own. The Self which God created cannot sin, and therefore cannot suffer. Let us choose today that [this Self] be our Identity, and thus escape forever from all things the dream of fear appears to offer us.

Father, Your Son can not be hurt. And if we think we suffer, we but fail to know our one Identity we share with You. We would return to It today, to be made free forever from all our mistakes, and to be saved from what we thought we were. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 330, W-pII.330. See also ACIM Lesson 330 Insights.)

We believe we are powerless and vulnerable to outside forces which we cannot control. This is because we have accepted the ego’s definition of our identity — separate and powerless. Yet our true Mind is an extension of God’s Mind and shares all His power because it is His Will to share It.

The ego thinks it has a “better” idea, offering us a special something we can call our own, separate from everything else. But God’s Will is that we have everything He Is. Nothing else is real. The only way we can seem to have something of our own is in a dream.

Today we choose to no longer hurt ourselves by accepting our one Self as God’s Identity instead of the ego as our identity. We choose to let the Holy Spirit show us this one Self in every brother and learn the truth of our own Identity. In gratitude we accept the Holy Spirit’s help.

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