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Accepting Our Life in Love

Atonement brings a re-evaluation of everything you cherish, for it is the means by which the Holy Spirit can separate the false and the true, which you have accepted into your mind without distinction. ²Therefore you cannot value one without the other, and guilt has become as true for you as innocence. ³You do not believe the Son of God is guiltless because you see the past, and see him not.

See no one, then, as guilty, and you will affirm the truth of guiltlessness unto yourself. ²In every condemnation that you offer the Son of God lies the conviction of your own guilt. ³If you would have the Holy Spirit make you free of it, accept His offer of Atonement for all your brothers. ⁴For so you learn that it is true for you. ⁵Remember always that it is impossible to condemn the Son of God in part.

⁷Within you is the holy sign of perfect faith your Father has in you. ⁸He does not value you as you do. ⁹He knows Himself, and knows the truth in you. ¹⁰He knows there is no difference, for He knows not of differences. ¹¹Can you see guilt where God knows there is perfect innocence? ¹²You can deny His knowledge, but you cannot change it. ¹³Look, then, upon the light He placed within you, and learn that what you feared was there has been replaced with love. (A Course in Miracles, T-13.IX.4:1-3;6:1-5;8:7-13. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

God is only Love, and Love does not condemn. God knows His Son is one with Himself and in this oneness, His Son’s innocence is eternal.

The ego uses judgment to justify guilt. Therefore it keeps our mind dwelling on the past, for without the past, there is no justification for guilt. We let go of the past when we let go of judgment. The Atonement occurs in our mind when we let go of all judgment and accept the oneness of Love that unites us with our Creator.

When we turn over all our judgments to the Holy Spirit, we are released from the thought of guilt. The Holy Spirit reinterprets our judgments as calls for healing. As we accept His help, forgiveness heals the guilt in our mind and we remember the eternal Love that is our true Self. We accept the life we live in Love.

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