Daily Inspiration

Accepting Christ’s Vision

Looking through the body’s eyes, the images of the world seem very real. It really seems like I need to eat and protect the body from the “elements.” It seems like there are other bodies in the world and events that seem to have an effect. The Course is not asking us to deny that we perceive these images. But we are being asked to remember that these images are meaningless. “My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.”

Why is it helpful to remember that my meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world? I have observed that as I let go of judgments about the world I see, I am much less reactive to it. My peace is less frequently disturbed. I am more likely to offer love in my mind to a brother who seems to be distressed. I am less argumentative, more open to inspiration. In short I am much happier. Remembering that my meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world opens my mind to receive the blessing of God’s Love, the only true meaning.

Today I will practice remembering as I work at the computer or talk on the phone or prepare a package for the mail that my meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world and that beyond the images is Love and nothing else. And I know that Holy Spirit will help me see Christ’s vision of truth.

Remembering the importance of seeing with Christ’s vision reminds me of the two steps that are necessary to receive it: 1. I must remember that I do not know what anything means, including this. 2. I have within me the Spirit of Love That will show me all true meaning as I am willing to have a quiet, open mind. Today my practice is to return to that quiet place in my mind where all true answers lie. Here I receive Christ’s vision. Here I return to the truth that I never left Heaven. I at Home, safe in God, where everyone is.

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