Daily Inspiration

Accepting God’s Peace

Today is filled with opportunities to accept God’s peace, to live in God’s peace. God’s gift of peace is ours in every moment, eternally. If we are not experiencing peace, something has gone wrong in our minds that needs correction. We make way for this correction by bringing every disturbance to the Holy Spirit with willingness to receive His gentle correction.

If we recognize a fear thought, we bring the fear to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to show us the truth of Love beyond the appearance of fear. If we experience guilt, either in ourselves or see it in another, we bring that thought of guilt to the Holy Spirit and ask for help to see the innocence of God’s holy Son beyond the appearance of guilt. If we experience a sense of lack or loss, we bring that thought to the Holy Spirit and ask for His help to see the limitless Love of God that is eternally ours. With this practice we accept God’s peace as ours.

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