Daily Inspiration

Accepting Healing in the Holy Instant

Come to the holy instant and be healed, for nothing that is there received is left behind on your returning to the world. And being blessed you will bring blessing. Life is given you to give the dying world. And suffering eyes no longer will accuse, but shine in thanks to you who blessing gave. The holy instant’s radiance will light your eyes, and give them sight to see beyond all suffering and see Christ’s face instead. Healing replaces suffering. Who looks on one cannot perceive the other, for they cannot both be there. And what you see the world will witness, and will witness to.” (A Course in Miracles T-27.V.6)

This paragraph reminds us that we must accept a change of mind, or forgive, to be healed. It reminds us to go inward for healing instead of trying to solve our problems out in the world. Only the Holy Spirit knows the real problem and the real solution. Only the Holy Spirit can show us that the face of Christ is all there is to see.

Our practice today is to step back frequently and ask for the Holy Spirit’s true perception. Peace and joy returns with the clarity the Holy Spirit brings in the holy instant.

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