Daily Inspiration

Accepting Peace

We received these insights when we went to Holy Spirit today:
Do you want peace? Then accept the peace that is given you. Any judgment is the denial of peace because it is the perception of conflict. This is why forgiveness is your salvation. When you lay down a judgment, you release a barrier that has held peace at bay.

You have thought that judgment would protect you. But instead, it has increased your fear and held guilt in place. Where guilt is, peace is hidden. Forgive, lay down your judgments, and peace will flow into your awareness, reminding you of your natural state.

Be vigilant for peace today. Use every situation as a means to release barriers to peace and to reinforce the blessing of peace given and received. Let this be your goal today.

To maintain the experience of peace throughout the day, ask yourself frequently, “In truth, what am I and where am I?” Asking this question and being open to receive the truth puts the Holy Spirit in charge of your day. It becomes a day of following your true Self’s lead instead of following the lead of the false ego mind.

This practice brings a sense of rest and peace so strong that it looks past all disturbances. So ask this question frequently that you may remember What you are and Where you are in truth.

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