Daily Inspiration

Awakening to Love

If you but knew the glorious goal that lies beyond forgiveness, you would not keep hold on any thought, however light the touch of evil on it may appear to be. For you would understand how great the cost of holding anything God did not give in minds that can direct the hand to bless, and lead God’s Son unto his Father’s house.

A dream is given you in which [your brother] is your savior, not your enemy in hate. A dream is given you in which you have forgiven him for all his dreams of death [separation]; a dream of hope you share with him, instead of dreaming evil separate dreams of hate. Why does it seem so hard to share this dream? Because unless the Holy Spirit gives the dream its function, it was made for hate, and will continue in death’s services.

…seek not the eternal in this world. Forgiving dreams are means to step aside from dreaming of a world outside yourself. And leading finally beyond all dreams, unto the peace of everlasting life. (A Course in Miracles, T-29.V.6:1-2;7:1-4;8:4-6. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

Judgment maintains the dream of guilt and death. Forgiveness removes the veil that hides the eternal presence of Love everywhere. Love does not forgive because it does not condemn. But in the dream of judgment, forgiveness is a happy dream that leads us out of the hell of belief in separation. This forgiveness cannot be done on our own while we believe are separate from our brothers. We need the help of the Holy Spirit in our minds to help us see past the forms of separation to the Love that unifies us as God’s one Son.

Today we choose the happy dream of forgiveness by asking the Holy Spirit to help us see the Love beyond the images of the world. We acknowledge that we need His help and we are grateful that His help is always available. As we accept this Help our experience of the world is transformed. Our brothers become our saviors, reflecting back to us the Love we share. Today we take another step on our journey of awakening to Love.

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