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Becoming an Emissary of Love

Forgiveness ends all suffering and loss.

Forgiveness paints a picture of a world where suffering is over, loss becomes impossible and anger makes no sense. ²Attack is gone, and madness has an end. ³What suffering is now conceivable? ⁴What loss can be sustained? ⁵The world becomes a place of joy, abundance, charity and endless giving. ⁶It is now so like to Heaven that it quickly is transformed into the light that it reflects. ⁷And so the journey which the Son of God began has ended in the light from which he came.

Father, we would return our minds to You. ²We have betrayed them, held them in a vise of bitterness, and frightened them with thoughts of violence and death. ³Now would we rest again in You, as You created us. (A Course in Miracles, W-249. See also ACIM Lesson 249 Insights.)

It seems hard to believe that the body and the world we experience through it are illusions of our own making. That is because we have convinced ourselves that separation is real. That conviction brings with it all the illusions of separation.

Built into the thought system of separation is the self deception of projection. This mechanism allows us to project illusions from our mind so they appear separate from us and we are not their source. This closed system will not recognize or acknowledge anything that does not conform to the “rules” of separation. The reality of Love’s oneness is irreconcilable with the belief in separation. We see only what we believe.

The way out of the closed separation thought system is to change the belief at its foundation. This change comes through forgiveness. We need to forgive our choice to believe separation is real. To accomplish this, we need help from beyond our mistaken belief. That Help is the Holy Spirit, our true Self.

When we are willing to accept the Christ vision that the Holy Spirit offers, we see the reality of Love’s oneness beyond the projected images of separation. As we accept this vision, our experience in the world becomes increasingly happy, peaceful and loving. We are no longer alert for adversaries to defend against. We no longer need to protect ourselves from loss. Instead this vision expands our awareness of Love’s presence. Appearances of lovelessness are recognized as calls for Love and answered with Love. We become emissaries of Love in a world hungry for Love.

Today we choose to be emissaries of Love.

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