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Being a Teacher of God

A teacher of God is anyone who chooses to be one. His qualifications consist solely in this; somehow, somewhere he has made a deliberate choice in which he did not see his interests as apart from someone else’s.

They come from all over the world. They come from all religions and from no religion. They are the ones who have answered. The Call is universal. It goes on all the time everywhere. It calls for teachers to speak for It and redeem the world. Many hear It, but few will answer. …Their function is to save time. Each one begins as a single light, but with the Call at its center it is a light that cannot be limited. And each one saves a thousand years of time as the world judges it.

There is a course for every teacher of God. The form of the course varies greatly. So do the particular teaching aids involved. But the content of the course never changes. Its central theme is always, “God’s Son is guiltless, and in his innocence is his salvation.” It can be taught by actions or thoughts; in words or soundlessly; in any language or in no language; in any place or time or manner. It does not matter who the teacher was before he heard the Call. He has become a savior by his answering. He has seen someone else as himself. He has therefore found his own salvation and the salvation of the world. In his rebirth is the world reborn. (A Course in Miracles, M-1.1:1-2;2:1-2,11-13;3)

Are we ready to be a teacher of God? Are we willing? Are we willing to let go of our judgments and see the innocence in our brothers and ourselves? It is our willingness to let go of our judgments, our insistence on bringing the past with us and overlaying it on our perception of the present, that makes us ready to be a teacher of God. This is how we answer the Call.

Whenever we see a brother as having the same interests as our own, we teach the lesson of innocence. We have set aside a judgment that would see a brother guilty. This is a holy instant in which we see the one Self that unites us with all our brothers. In that moment we are a teacher of God, learning and teaching the lesson of guiltlessness. We may fall back into old patterns of judgment, but the gift of that instant remains with us. We have taken a step forward toward freeing the world from fear and guilt.

Today let us be willing to let the Holy Spirit show us the Light of Truth in our brother and shine away the dark belief that we are separate and alone.

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