Daily Inspiration

Bloom Where You Are Planted

The images you make cannot prevail against what God Himself would have you be. Be never fearful of temptation, then, but see it as it is; another chance to choose again, and let Christ’s strength prevail in every circumstance and every place you raised an image of yourself before. For what appears to hide the face of Christ is powerless before His majesty, and disappears before His holy sight. The saviors of the world, who see like Him, are merely those who choose His strength instead of their own weakness, seen apart from Him. (A Course in Miracles, T-31.VIII.4:1-4)

Today we will be practice being aware that we are in Holy Spirit’s school of awakening. We will remember that every now moment is another opportunity to see as Holy Spirit sees. Every now moment is another opportunity to choose the strength of Christ in us instead of the weakness of the ego thought system.

We use every problem as an opportunity to choose once again, this time with Holy Spirit. We bloom where we are planted when use the now moment to learn Holy Spirit’s lessons for us and receive the miracles that come with choosing peace and extending it to the world.

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