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Bringing Light to the World

To the ego, today’s idea [I am the light of the world] is the epitome of self-glorification. But the ego does not understand humility, mistaking it for self-debasement. Humility consists of accepting your role in salvation and in taking no other. It is not humility to insist you cannot be the light of the world if that is the function God assigned to you. It is only arrogance that would assert this function cannot be for you, and arrogance is always of the ego.

True humility requires that you accept today’s idea because it is God’s Voice which tells you it is true. This is a beginning step in accepting your real function on earth. It is a giant stride toward taking your rightful place in salvation. It is a positive assertion of your right to be saved, and an acknowledgment of the power that is given you to save others.

I am the light of the world. That is my only function. That is why I am here. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 61, W-pI.61.2-3;5:3-5. See also ACIM Lesson 61 Insights.)

The Course equates the ego with darkness because it is the denial of God’s Light. Because our true Self remains united with God, our Creator, God’s Light is ours. It is our Self, our true Identity, that is the Light of the world.

Being Love, our Self sees beyond the images of the world to the Light of Love in everyone and everything. We let go of believing the ego is our identity by letting go of the dark ego thought system. Each time we bring our judgments to the Holy Spirit and accept His loving correction, we bring Light to the world. We let more of the Light we are shine through. The ego’s dark thoughts are forgiven and dispelled. The practice of letting go of the dark thoughts of separation and accepting the Light of Love we are is our only function.

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