Daily Inspiration

Choose to Accept the Peace of God

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Remember to let the Holy Spirit drive the bus. Do not try to solve perceived problems on your own. You let Holy Spirit drive the bus when you remember to choose peace and unity instead of the defensive thoughts of the ego that let the ego identity feel safe in its world of separate bodies.

Ego thoughts will always try to reinforce the reality of images of separation and deny thoughts of oneness and unity. To see past ego thoughts, continue to consistently choose to accept the peace of God. Know that everything is coming together in perfect order as you continue to step back with every circumstance and let Holy Spirit take the lead. As you consistently choose peace, you are allowing the Holy Spirit to be in charge of your mind. This also allows the Holy Spirit to write the dream script instead of the ego.

When things seem like they are moving fast, relax. Open your mind to the peace and Love of the Holy Spirit and receive. Holy Spirit’s plan will unfold as you are willing to step back and follow.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  Stay soft in your thoughts. The ego loves to grab hold of an idea or image and carve it in stone to make it seem real. The ego fears change because of the fearful consequence of the choice to perceive itself separate from God. That change was so horrendous and illusions are so whimsical that the ego sees itself in a constant struggle to “solidify” illusions as a protection against change. It is helpful to know about this pattern.

You experience its effects every day when you think with the ego thought system. You are being asked to set aside the ego’s thought system and align yourself with the Holy Spirit’s instead. To the ego, this is terrifying because it perceives it as loss of control, which it is. But what you are doing is transferring control from what would keep you in hell to what would lead you back to Heaven.

Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings in each moment. Are you in peace? Are your thoughts of safety and certainty? Or are you unsettled, trying to hang on to an image, trying to plan for an uncertain future? The latter state is when you are choosing the ego as your guide. Step back. Choose peace and open your mind once again to the Holy Spirit’s lead.

It may seem like you need to do this a thousand times a day. Do not use this need for repeated realignment with the Holy Spirit as an excuse for discouragement. This is part of the process. The Holy Spirit is never discouraged, rather the Holy Spirit has great gratitude each time we return to Him and accept His gift. Discouragement is just another ego defense to try to keep you in the ego thought system. Let it go and keep practicing. It is indeed possible for you to be open to the Holy Spirit’s Voice all through the day. All you need do is stay in peace with an open mind. This practice is a pathway to joy.

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