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Choosing the Forgiving Eyes of Christ

You child of God, the gifts of God are yours, not by your plans but by His holy Will. His Voice will teach you what forgiveness is, and how to give it as He wills it be. Do not, then, seek to understand what is beyond you yet, but let it be a way to draw you up to where the eyes of Christ become the sight you choose. Give up all else, for there is nothing else. When someone calls for help in any form, He is the One to answer for you. All that you need do is to step back and not to interfere. Forgiveness-for-Salvation is His task, and it is He Who will respond for you.

Do not establish what the form should be that Christ’s forgiveness takes. He knows the way to make of every call a help to you, as you arise in haste to go at last unto your Father’s house. Now can He make your footsteps sure, your words sincere; not with your own sincerity, but with His Own. Let Him take charge of how you would forgive, and each occasion then will be to you another step to Heaven and to peace. (A Course in Miracles, S-2.III.2-3)

It is very important to realize that we do not understand how to forgive for salvation, and it is not our job. Our role is to recognize calls for Love, then turn them over to Christ’s vision with willingness to receive it. It is His vision that will show us what to think, say or do that brings us release from unforgiveness and recognizes that only Love is true.

The importance of stepping back from our fearful, guilty, judgmental and conflicting perceptions cannot be overstated. We cannot correct these perceptions on our own. We need to step back from them and ask for the help of Christ’s vision. This is the prayer that will set us free from the ego’s hell made by belief in separation. If we try on our own to figure out how to forgive, we are only interfering with Christ’s vision. We are playing the ego’s game to keep us stuck in guilt.

Our prayer throughout today is to ask the Holy Spirit for help to see with Christ’s vision. We choose the eyes of Christ instead of the ego’s eyes with its projections of guilt. Christ’s eyes show us the reality of Love’s innocence. With His vision we learn how to be truly helpful.

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