Daily Inspiration

Choosing Truth over Illusion

Our opportunity today is to practice choosing truth over illusion. All through the day we are either choosing thoughts from the ego mind or the truth that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Today we focus on knowing that we hold Holy Spirit’s Hand all through the day. We use Holy Spirit’s Help with every situation. We listen, and receive as we have asked. We remember that Help is right there for us in every now moment. We want the truth and therefore we receive the truth. We consciously recognize that we have the means to wake up from the dream of separation. We join with every brother in the Light of Truth and see that as we overlook the illusions, we are one in the Spirit of Love.

We recognize that today is an important day in our awakening. We can save years of trials and tribulations. We can return to Heaven and realize that in truth we never left. We can feel Love’s peace, joy and happiness — today. All this comes to us as we are willing to choose truth over illusions — right now. We know we are blessed and extend blessing to the world.

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