Daily Inspiration

Christ’s Vision Sees Our Unity with All in Love

Let me not see myself as limited.

Let me behold the Son of God today, and witness to his glory. ²Let me not try to obscure the holy light in him, and see his strength diminished and reduced to frailty; nor perceive the lacks in him with which I would attack his sovereignty.

He is Your Son, my Father. ²And today I would behold his gentleness instead of my illusions. ³He is what I am, and as I see him so I see myself. ⁴Today I would see truly, that this day I may at last identify with him. (A Course in Miracles, W-250. See also ACIM Lesson 250 Insights.)

The world we see is a projection of what we believe about ourselves. We see a world of separate things and separate bodies because we believe we are a body, separate from all others. But we can learn to see our brothers differently with the Holy Spirit’s help. We ask the Holy Spirit to be our interpreter of all our perceptions. We want to see with Christ’s vision which overlooks the form to the eternal presence of Love.

As we accept Christ’s vision, we recognize the Love our brother is and naturally join with It. The Love we are always joins with Love. As we accept Christ’s vision, we learn that our true Self is not separate and alone. It is forever united with God in His Love along with all our brothers. As we accept this, we feel the strength of God in us. We feel His peace and gentleness. We know we are safe in the sure protection of God’s changeless Love.

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