Daily Inspiration

Claiming God’s Love as Our Identity

²It is but lies that would condemn. ³In truth is innocence the only thing there is. ⁴Forgiveness stands between illusions and the truth; between the world you see and that which lies beyond; between the hell of guilt and Heaven’s gate.

Across this bridge, as powerful as love which laid its blessing on it, are all dreams of evil and of hatred and attack brought silently to truth. ²They are not kept to swell and bluster, and to terrify the foolish dreamer who believes in them. ³He has been gently wakened from his dream by understanding what he thought he saw was never there. ⁴And now he cannot feel that all escape has been denied to him.

Forgiveness must be practiced, for the world cannot perceive its meaning, nor provide a guide to teach you its beneficence.

Today we practice true forgiveness, that the time of joining be no more delayed. ²For we would meet with our reality in freedom and in peace. ³Our practicing becomes the footsteps lighting up the way for all our brothers, who will follow us to the reality we share with them. (A Course in Miracles, W-134.10:2–11:4;13:1;14:1-3. See also ACIM Lesson 134 Insights.)

Judgment is a self-deception. We only judge what we perceive to be outside of us. Yet our true Self, eternally united with God, sees nothing separate from Itself. Forgiveness undoes the deception that believes separation is possible, that there can be anything outside of What we are in truth. But we have convinced ourselves that an outside world is real. As long as we believe this, true forgiveness is needed.

For this God gave us His Teacher to guide us in the way of Love’s oneness, to recognize that all external appearances are false. With His help, we learn to recognize illusions and freely let them go. No one wants to keep what he recognizes is not real.

Today we call upon the Holy Spirit to teach us true forgiveness, for we want to remember the joy and peace that are our natural state as Love’s extension.

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