Daily Inspiration

Do Not Decide Anything On Your Own

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  Remember that you would not decide anything on your own. When you choose peace, it is a form of stepping back from the ego’s thought system, which exudes a constant supply of defenses that seem to be popping up. Say to yourself, “I open my mind right now to receive Holy Spirit’s peace.” Then give yourself time to receive it until you can feel it. The truth is that you are totally immersed in God’s peace always. Your stepping back and opening to God’s peace brings you the awareness of what always is.

The ego would not have peace and resists vehemently the practice of stopping your thinking process and choosing peace. It considers this pause an intrusion and a waste of time. The ego mind thinks it has more important things to do than to pause and choose to receive God’s peace.

This is the practice that is needed the most to bring you to the awareness of Holy Spirit’s insight. This is the practice that lifts the veil and shows you how you can be truly helpful in every situation. This is the practice that brings you the awareness of oneness and dissolves the illusion of separation. This is the practice that truly solves all your perceived problems. Practice this today and every day and watch the miracles as they unfold. Amen.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  All you really want to do is love, because Love is What you are and Love eternally extends Love. So in all your doing in the world, what gives it meaning is that you use each moment to either extend Love or to let go of the barriers to Love that you have built in your mind. At its core it is very simple. Just Love. Just do it.

What makes this seem difficult is your attachment to images that are not love. In truth there is no harm in these attachments. They just keep you from the joy of knowing the Love you are. So in the dream of separate images, you experience lack of love, though this could never be true. That is why it is so important that you practice stepping back to receive God’s peace. It is this practice that opens the way for you to release the images that are barriers to Love.

As has been said before, let your doing in the world be a means to practice letting go. As you do this, you will find that your serenity increases. Your mind is open to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to guide you and make smooth your way. God’s will for you is perfect happiness and as you live more and more in His peace, the world you see will reflect more and more of His Love and joy. Fear fades into a distant memory and Love becomes your center of strength. Keep practicing.

Holy Spirit through Sharyn:
  A teacher of God teaches only Love, for that is what they have come to remember. In the remembering, they come to realize that spreading His word and teaching His Love is their only purpose. A teacher of God knows the safety that comes with defenselessness. A teacher of God knows that the extension of the Love they are to others is an extension of God’s Love. Teachers of God knows that their safety comes from the one Who knows all. The teacher of God knows that stepping back and allowing His words to come forth is his only job.

Be the teachers of God that you were chosen to be. Know that He is with you every moment during your teaching and know that when you step back and listen and follow His guidance, there can be no mistakes. There is no right or wrong. There just is His word and nothing else.

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