Daily Inspiration

Experiencing Joy for No Reason

Joy is available to us in every now moment. It is our natural state. If we are not joyous, it is because we are denying God’s eternal gift to us.

Whenever we judge, whenever we value some form in the world, we are choosing a substitute for God’s gift of joy. Yet a substitute is not the real thing and cannot offer us the reality of God’s joy.

When we think we will feel better if somebody behaves differently, if some circumstance would change to be more of our liking, we are looking to a form in the world to make us happy. Even if we were to obtain these things or circumstances in the world, they cannot last because they are dreams.

As we learn to let the Holy Spirit in our minds show us what lies beyond the forms of the world, the joy of the now moment flows into our heart. We open to God’s gift of joy and we experience the joy that is beyond this world. We realize there is no reason, no form in the world, that is cause for this joy. It is beyond form and everlasting.

Forgiveness reveals this to us by releasing judgment and joining with the Love of God, our true Self. Today we dedicate to joining with Holy Spirit’s vision to see God’s joy everywhere and experience joy for no reason.

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