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Faith Brings Healing to the World

Faith is the opposite of fear, as much a part of love as fear is of attack. Faith is the acknowledgment of union. [Faith] is the gracious acknowledgment of everyone as a Son of your most loving Father, loved by Him like you, and therefore loved by you as yourself. It is His Love that joins you and your brother, and for His Love you would keep no one separate from yours. Each one appears just as he is perceived in the holy instant, united in your purpose to be released from guilt. You see the Christ in him, and he is healed because you look on what makes faith forever justified in everyone.

Faith is the gift of God, through Him [Holy Spirit] Whom God has given you. Faithlessness looks upon the Son of God, and judges him unworthy of forgiveness. But through the eyes of faith, the Son of God is seen already forgiven, free of all the guilt he laid upon himself. Faith sees him only now because it looks not to the past to judge him, but would see in him only what it would see in you. [Faith] sees not through the body’s eyes, nor looks to bodies for its justification. [Faith] is the messenger of the new perception, sent forth to gather witnesses unto its coming, and to return their messages to you.

For faith arises from the Holy Spirit’s perception, and is the sign you share [His perception] with Him. (A Course in Miracles, T-19.I.10-11;12:2. See also ACIM Text Q & A.)

Faith is dedication to Truth. To have faith in our brother is to see past the body to the truth in him that he is only Love, united with the Love that is our true Self. To bring faith to the world and ourselves, we need to be dedicated wholly to truth. We need to have faith in the truth that only Love is real.

The body’s eyes cannot see Love, for Love has no form. The justification for faith comes through using Holy Spirit’s vision in our mind. His vision overlooks the body and what it seems to do to see the truth that is the one Son of God. To bring healing to the world, we need to choose the Holy Spirit’s perception in place of what we perceive with the body’s eyes. This is the choice we make in every moment. As we accept Holy Spirit’s vision, we learn that we are innocent and united with our brother in God’s Love.

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