Daily Inspiration

Forgiveness Ends the Dream of Separation

God is the only goal I have today.

The way to God is through forgiveness here. There is no other way. If sin [separation] had not been cherished by the mind, what need would there have been to find the way to where you are? Who would still be uncertain? Who could be unsure of who he is? And who would yet remain asleep, in heavy clouds of doubt about the holiness of him whom God created sinless? Here we can but dream. But we can dream we have forgiven him in whom all sin remains impossible, and it is this we choose to dream today. God is our goal; forgiveness is the means by which our minds return to Him at last.

And so, our Father, would we come to You in Your appointed way. We have no goal except to hear Your Voice, and find the way Your sacred Word has pointed out to us. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 256, W-pII.256. See also ACIM Lesson 256 Insights.)

Forgiveness is a dream with the sole purpose of ending the dream. That is why forgiveness is the means to achieve the goal of remembering God. Our true Self, Who has never left our Home in God, has no need to forgive. But the identity we have claimed in the dream of separation needs forgiveness. We need to let go of the wish for specialness. This wish makes us unaware that we already are at Home in God.

God has never left us, but we need to remember our unity with Him. When we remember God, we remember His peace is ours, His Love flows through us uninterrupted and He shares all His joy with us.

Today we will be vigilant to let the Holy Spirit teach us how to let go of our attachment to things of the world and remember our Creator.

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