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Forgiveness Leads Us to Truth

“Forgiveness, not as the world understands it, but as it is in truth, is the highest form of Love attainable on earth. Forgiveness is given to all regardless of appearances; like Love, of which it is a part, its meaning lies in its all inclusiveness. Do not question the value of forgiveness; it will lead you back to God and perfect freedom. Without forgiveness, you are like a blind man trying to judge what he cannot see or understand, groping his way along through the darkness in which he lives. Forgiveness illuminates the darkness of human life, shining it away while restoring your mind to Love.

“What in this world could offer you anything remotely as valuable as forgiveness? It will undo the hell which you have made; a place of fear and hatred, marked by conflict and sorrow, ending in death. Forgiveness will heal your mind of the deep sense of guilt you have carried so long. It will relieve you of self hate and the sense of unworthiness that drives you to project guilt and the need for punishment onto your brothers. Forgiveness ends the dream of conflict and pain, of lovelessness and isolation. It will bring you back to where you belong, where you become a shining beacon, lighting the way for your brothers to follow.” (From the Christ Mind Book II, p. 225)

Forgiveness means stepping back from our normal everyday way of thinking and letting the Holy Spirit lead us to a new way of seeing the world. Forgiveness lightens the way Home to our true Source of Love in Heaven.

As we learn to consistently step back and listen to the Holy Spirit, we see the Love that lies beyond all forms… We move past time to the safety and peace that lie on our true eternal Nature…

We watch the world’s stories without believing in them… We feel Holy Spirit’s infinite patience, knowing that both time and space are illusions…

We now use time to awaken from the dream and help our brothers do the same… We feel the happiness the Truth brings to our mind and remember that we are safe in God’s Love, no matter what the dream scenarios look like… We give thanks that only the truth is true and that we all remain as God created us.

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