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Forgiveness Releases Us from the Dream of Fear

God is the Love in which I forgive.

For­giveness is the great need of this world, but that is because it is a world of illusions. Those who forgive are thus releasing themselves from illusions, while those who withhold forgiveness are binding themselves to [illusions]. As you condemn only yourself, so do you forgive only yourself.

Yet although God does not forgive, His Love is nevertheless the basis of forgiveness. Fear condemns and love forgives. Forgiveness thus undoes what fear has produced, returning the mind to the awareness of God. For this reason, forgiveness can truly be called salvation. It is the means by which illusions dis­appear.

God is the Love in which I forgive you, [name].

God is the Love in which I forgive myself. (A Course in Miracles Workbook Lesson 46, W-pI.46.1:3-2-5;4:4;5:30. See also ACIM Lesson 46 Insights.)

The world was made to make lovelessness seem real. It is the effect of the denial of Love’s Reality. Fear is the absence of Love and thus the world is in a continuous state of fear. Fear is possible only because of belief that lovelessness is possible and “true.”

Forgiveness is inspired by Love. Forgiveness recognizes that illusions are not true and lets them go. The thought system that made the world cannot teach forgiveness because it does not know what Love is. But we have the Teacher of Love in our mind, always available to help us see past illusions and let them go. When we are willing to accept the Holy Spirit’s lessons in Love, we learn to recognize illusions for what they are and freely dismiss them as we welcome the Presence of Love.

God’s Love is eternally in us and His Voice is always ready to guide us to see the reality of Love everywhere. As we practice reminding ourselves today that God is the Love in which we forgive our brothers and ourselves, we are releasing ourselves from the dream of fear. We are accepting God’s gift of all of His Love.

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