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Freedom to Be Love

Do not confuse [Christ’s] function with your own. He is the Answer. You the one who hears.

And what is it He speaks to you about? About salvation and the gift of peace. About the end of sin and guilt and death. About the role forgiveness has in Him. Do you but listen. For He will be heard by anyone who calls upon His Name, and places his forgiveness in His hands. Forgiveness has been given Him to teach, to save it from destruction and to make the means for separation, sin and death become again the holy gift of God. Prayer is His Own right Hand, made free to save as true forgiveness is allowed to come from His eternal vigilance and Love. Listen and learn, and do not judge. It is to God you turn to hear what you should do. His answer will be clear as morning, nor is His forgiveness what you think it is.

Still does He know, and that should be enough. Forgiveness has a Teacher Who will fail in nothing. Rest a while in this; do not attempt to judge forgiveness, nor to set it in an earthly frame. Let it arise to Christ, Who welcomes it as gift to Him. He will not leave you comfortless, nor fail to send His angels down to answer you in His Own Name. He stands beside the door to which forgiveness is the only key. Give it to Him to use instead of you, and you will see the door swing silently open upon the shining face of Christ. Behold your brother there beyond the door; the Son of God as He created him. (A Course in Miracles, S-2.III.5:8-10;6-7)

Just listen. That’s our part in the process of forgiveness. The practice of pausing and stepping back from our perceptions and judgments is the key to bringing inner peace to our lives. It disengages from our involvement in the world so we can open our minds to the inspiration of Christ. Now we are receptive to His teaching of forgiveness.

The ego does not know how to forgive because it is afraid of Love. It is the Love in us that sees the innocence of Love in others. It sees past the forms of the world and joins with the only reality that is Love.

The means we use to disengage from our experience in the world does not matter. But it is important that we be willing to accept the possibility that our perception may be mistaken. This is the willingness the Christ Mind needs to bring us Its way of seeing.

It is Christ’s vision that shows us a forgiven world. It shows us that we are forgiven and teaches us that we are God’s Son, His extension of Love. It teaches us that Love’s innocence is ours and we are free to be as Love created us.

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