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Freeing Ourselves to Be Love

[The body] transmits to you the feelings that you want. Like any communication medium the body receives and sends the messages that it is given. …Who would send messages of hatred and attack if he but understood he sends them to himself?

Hear not [the ego’s] madness, and believe not the impossible is true. Forget not that the ego has dedicated the body to the goal of sin, and places in it all its faith that this can be accomplished. Its sad disciples chant the body’s praise continually, in solemn celebration of the ego’s rule. [Every ego disciple] must believe that yielding to the attraction of guilt is the escape from pain. Not one but must regard the body as himself, without which he would die, and yet within which is his death equally inevitable.

It is not given to the ego’s disciples to realize that they have dedicated themselves to death. Freedom is offered them but they have not accepted it, and what is offered must also be received, to be truly given. For the Holy Spirit, too, is a communication medium, receiving from the Father and offering His messages unto the Son. Like the ego, the Holy Spirit is both the sender and the receiver. For what is sent through Him returns to Him, seeking itself along the way, and finding what it seeks. So does the ego find the death it seeks, returning it to you. (A Course in Miracles, T-19.IV.B.14:4-5,11;16-17. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

In our Creation, God gave us the oneness of His Love. This is an unalterable fact. The ego is the denial of God’s gift. Thus anything the ego makes is an illusion because it cannot be a fact. This is why, no matter how invested we are in the ego as our identity, we can never be totally lost in the ego’s illusions.

Judgment is the ego’s principal tool for making separation seem real. This is why assigning guilt is so important to the ego. But guilt is painful, so we must project it on others to relieve the pain that comes with believing we have lost the innocence of the Love of God.

The ego’s messages are always about projecting guilt. Yet projections start with what we believe we are. We must accept the ego’s message that we are guilty in order to project that message onto others. Thus every time we judge another, we have already judged ourselves. This is because thoughts do not leave their source.

It is time to step out of the painful cycle of judgment. It does not serve us. It is time to bring all our perceptions to the Voice for God’s Love within. As we are willing to step back from the ego’s projections with willingness to let the Voice for Love show us the truth behind the illusions, we free ourselves to return to Love. We free ourselves from the ego’s death wish. We free ourselves to be the Love we were created to be.

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