Daily Inspiration

Give the Present Moment to Holy Spirit to Lead

Holy Spirit through Mary:
  You can relax now. As you go through these days of transition, check in frequently with your level of peace. Is your mind filled with doubts or concerns? Are you trying to figure out how all this can happen on your own? Remember, “In my defenselessness my safety lies.” Remember you are being carried. Don’t try to figure out the future. Give the present moment to the Holy Spirit. He knows what to do with it. And the future will take care of itself better than you can possibly imagine. Give your life over to your true Self. Your true Self will transform your “life” so that you are of service to the whole. Thoughts of individuality and specialness get gently erased from your confused mind. Stay in a place of trust and the perfect circumstances will unfold.

When you find yourself jumping into the future, use this as an opportunity to practice stepping back and letting the Holy Spirit take all the thoughts in your mind. You would not hold on to them and make them real. This is perfect practice for you right now in your schoolhouse of planet earth. Ask yourself, “Where am I placing my trust, in the world or the Holy Spirit?” Give thanks in gratitude for the true Help that you have available to you at all times right in your mind. Choose peace always and the Holy Spirit says, “I am here. Let’s do a little mind cleaning.” Then Let the Holy Spirit erase or clean up all those thoughts of doubt and weakness.

Practice accepting the happiness that the Holy Spirit brings as It gently erases all the fear thoughts that pop up. Let yourself remember that you are safe and that you are still in the Mind of God eternally and no false images can alter that. Place your trust in God, that everything is unfolding in the most perfect way for your awakening. Relax. Trust. Step back and listen for inner direction, moment by moment. You are in Heaven now and you can be brought to that recognition by your willingness to step back and listen.

Holy Spirit through Robert:
  The ego loves to analyze, scheme and plan ways to resolve perceived problems. It can appear to be very clever and ingenious. But hidden beneath the planning and scheming is the goal of seek and do not find. The ego is terrified of real solutions, for real solutions will always lead to the recognition of your total safety and oneness in Love. This recognition is the end of the ego so the ego sees it as death, to be avoided at all costs.

This is why it is essential that you let go of your own propensity to plan and defend. It only keeps you in bondage. As you practice stepping back each time you observe yourself in the planning mode and moving into a place of peace, you open your mind to the Holy Spirit’s solutions, which will free you from the ego’s bondage. You are bound by the ego only by your allegiance to it. The ego has no power to hold you in its grasp without your allegiance. Each time you practice stepping back, going to peace and opening to Holy Spirit’s vision, you are softening your allegiance to the ego. Inevitably the ego will dissolve with this practice. Withdraw your allegiance and the ego is gone. It ceases to seem to exist.

The practice of stepping back is a process of forgiveness. Forgiveness is letting go of your investment in separation. Stepping back and letting the Holy Spirit guide transfers your investment from the ego to truth, from nothing to Everything. In every moment you choose nothing or Everything. Your vigilance to recognize when you are choosing the ego’s plans and to step back and turn to the Holy Spirit is the means to total freedom and to return to full awareness that you are at Home in Heaven. Practice. Practice. Practice. The dividends that are returned from your investment in Everything are infinite and eternal.

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