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Giving Meaning to Our Time in the World

You can lose sight of oneness, but can not make sacrifice of its reality. Nor can you lose what you would sacrifice, nor keep the Holy Spirit from His task of showing you that [oneness] has not been lost. Hear, then, the song your brother sings to you, and let the world recede, and take the rest his witness offers on behalf of peace. But judge him not, for you will hear no song of liberation for yourself, nor see what it is given [your brother] to witness to, that you may see [oneness] and rejoice with him. Make not his holiness a sacrifice to your belief in sin. You sacrifice your innocence with his, and die each time you see in him a sin deserving death.

Yet every instant can you be reborn, and given life again. [Your brother’s] holiness gives life to you, who cannot die because his sinlessness is known to God; and can no more be sacrificed by you than can the light in you be blotted out because he sees it not. You who would make a sacrifice of life, and make your eyes and ears bear witness to the death of God and of His holy Son, think not that you have power to make of Them what God willed not They be. In Heaven, God’s Son is not imprisoned in a body, nor is sacrificed in solitude to sin. And as [God’s Son] is in Heaven, so must he be eternally and everywhere. He is the same forever. (A Course in Miracles, T-26.I.6:1-7:6. See also ACIM Text Made Simple.)

We see our brother as a body because we believe we are a body. But the body’s eyes cannot see Reality. We need to give our attention to seeing with Christ’s vision, which is not of the body. Christ’s vision shows us our unity with the Christ in every brother. It shows us the Reality of Love’s oneness, which joins us with every brother and our Creator.

Giving priority to our Inner Vision is what gives meaning to our time in the world. Our Inner Vision will show us that forgiveness is always justified because nothing ever happens to change the one Self we are. It is this intent that will lead us to forgiveness of the world and return to full awareness that we are in Heaven now. It will free us from perceiving we are limited to a body. We are as God created us.

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